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I tried to find u-joints to replace but had no luck .Best to find a good used one , it will cost just a fraction of the cost of a new one,over $1,000 @ a dealer! - There are aftermarket joints available for about $100 and it takes 2 hours labour to replace. BUT dealers will not warranty the work as it requires the careful hand of a skilled tech to get it right. I replaced a joint and it only lasted about a month. Rather than going through it again, I went for a new shaft instead ($700 Canadian, not the $1000 posted above) from Honda. You can also just remove the shaft and drive it as a 2WD model, which my dealer also does quite often on high mileage 97-98-99 models where the owner doesn't want to invest the money. I drove mine with no driveshaft for 3 weeks (the shaft was on backorder) and you'd never know. I would have left it out but we do live in a snowbelt and I thought the 4WD was worth preserving.

Replaceable U-Joints for the CR-V can be found at $40 each. simply enter the Year,Make,Model and select "Driveline and Axles" category. If you buy 2 (which is what you'll need), shipping is free.

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Q: Can you change just the u-joints on a 2000 CR-V or do you have to replace the whole drive shaft?
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