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Yes, You can change the barrel. I would suggest sending it to Briley or another reputable choke tube manufacturer to have it changed to the briley or win choke removable choke tube. You can also purchase a rifle sight, slug barrle for under $250.00 from most retailors

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โˆ™ 2006-04-09 14:04:32
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Q: Can you change the barrel on a Winchester Model 1400 semi auto full to shoot slugs and at what price?
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Being made during that time span I am not sure if iron will hold a nickel plating.I am surprised that you would want to destroy the collection value of such a early made Winchester rifle by attempting to Nickel plate the barrel of this rifle in the first place.All Winchester collectors would be willing to pay a handsome price for a original Winchester model 1866 rifle.

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