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Yes, Scoop the litter up all together by cupping your hands and place them with the mom in a different cage. Remember to put paper towels in the cage and toliet paper rolls so the mom can tear it up to build the nest. Check out FAQfarm question listed: "When a mouse has babies is it safe to change the bedding and nesting material if the babies are less than 10 days old?" Kechara ive changed the bedding just make sure you dont touch the mice or the mother will reject the litter but to answer your question yes (dont touch the mice) just so everyones aware, the mother rejecting the babies if you touch them is a Myth, The only way she will reject them and Eat them is if she gets to stressed out ( And if the babies have hair at all she wont Kill them either), What i do is Remove the mother First and then remove the babies, then i clean the enclosure, put the babies back in first, then put the mother back in with them, ( and yes i touch them all First mua ha ha), I havent had a casualty yet out of 5 litters.

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Q: Can you change the bedding in a mice cage that houses a mother and babies less than 1 week old without the mother rejecting the babies?
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When can you change the bedding after the baby hamsters are born?

Wait at least a week to completely clean it. You can scoop out the wet bedding without disturbing momma hamster, just don't touch the babies.

Can you change the bedding in a mice cage that houses a mother and her babies more then a week old?

As long as you dont touch the babies it's ok Just do half the cage at a time.

Do you put new hamster beding in the cage or wash the cage?

New bedding. You can wash the cage- without bedding in it: that would just be messy. I would change the bedding like every week or every other week.

How often you change hamster bedding?

As a guide, I'd recommend that you change a hamster's bedding every 2 weeks. In the Summer, you should change it every week.

How do you make the bad smell of the cage of a hamster go away?

You'll want to change the bedding at least once weekly. If there are places without bedding, you can wipe with a paper towel. I do this daily in a plastic "condo" that is so small, bedding just won't work in there. My hamsters nest in a small plastic dome (it was intended to be the "outhouse" and so I change the bedding there every other day. I have no smell. Good luck!

What will happen if you don't change your hamsters bedding?

The hamster will probably get sick or will DIE if you don't change the bedding. So if you havent changed it DO IT NOW!!

When do you change the bedding for your hamster?

7 days

When a mouse has babies is it ok to fully change the bedding and nesting material in the nest when the babies are only 10 days old?

Yes. Just make certain that you've got another place ready for them while you change the cage litter. Got a shoebox and put some litter in it. Make a little nest if you would like. Then rub your hands on the used litter or the mother and then place mother and babies CAREFULLY into the shoebox. Change the bedding and then make sure to, once more, CAREFULLY replace mother and babies in the normal cage. It is best not to. However, if you feel that it really needs to be done you should always change the bedding around the nest first. Next, place in another house or box on the fresh litter, if possible, remove old housing from on top of babies and allow the mother to move them when she feels she's ready to {DO NOT TOUCH BABIES}. Once you have noticed that all babies have been relocated to the new nest you can then finish cleaning the cage by removing the litter from the old nest. DO NOT touch the babies until they have their eyes open and are freely moving about the cage, otherwise you run the risk of her abandoning the litter {especially if she is a first time mother}. KECHARA

Can nits live in your bedding?

yes, you must change bedding at same time as treating affected members if the family

When do change a hamsters bedding?

Usually on a weekly basis.

Can you spread trichomoniasis from dirty hands like if you change a babies diaper?

Babies are not infected with trichomoniasis, but you can catch other germs from changing diapers without washing.

How long can you wait to change your hamster's bedding maxiumum?

You can wait for up to a week and a half to change your hamsters bedding or else they will really stink and you could make them sick.

What if your guinea pig has just given birth when can you change their bedding?

I change there bedding the same day as it was very messy all is ok and i have 5 gorgeous baby guinea pigs Thank You, changed the bedding the next day and we have 3 happy guinea pigs.

How often should you change a hamsters bedding?

Every week

How often should you change a mouse's bedding?

Every hour

How do you put bedding in the boxes?

Buy your chosen bedding from the EC stores so that you have it in stock. The groom will then change the bedding at the next update. When you next log on and check your EC the bedding and cleanliness stars will be starting to fill up. From Strawberry Fields on Howrse

How often should you change your rabbits bedding?

At least every week.

How often do I need to change my goat's bedding?

After he's done pooping in it

How long do you have to wait before you change your hamster bedding?

Usually once a week or if it starts to smell you can change it.

How often do you change guinea pig bedding?

you should change its bedding at least once a week, just check and see if it is full of waste and if it is change it imeddetly or it might get sick. And in addition: read this manual. There all the answers to Your questions.

How do seals change from babies to adults?

As with most mammals, seals do not change from babies to adults. They grow into adults as time goes on, just like human babies.

How often do you need to change the bedding in a guinea pigs cage?

every week

How often do you need to clean a horse stable out?

a horses stable should be cleaned everyday, with a fortnightly half change and a monthly full change: everyday, the poo removed and the pee spots turned so that they can dry out. fortnightly,half the bedding taken out of the stable.and new bedding to replace the old stuff. monthly, all the bedding removed, floors scrubbed and dried, fresh new bedding layed.

How do you use tacit in a sentence?

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Do hamsters attract animals and flies?

If you do not change the bedding often then your hamster could get fleas.