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You cannot change the color of your WikiAnswers toolbar.

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2012-07-14 16:36:53
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Q: Can you change the color of your WikiAnswers toolbar?
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What do the color dark blue symbolize?

on wikianswers it symbolized the answer toolbar at the top.

Can you change the toolbar color of window vista black edition?


Which option on the Drawing toolbar helps you change the color of a solid shape?

fill color

What are the things that you can do using the formatting toolbar?

change font size and color basically

How do you get the music toolbar?

You type your favorite music station on wikianswers.

Can you change your background on WikiAnswers?

Changing BackgroundAt the present time, it is not possible to change the background of WikiAnswers; the WikiAnswers homepage is not customizable like the YouTube homepage. You can, however, change the background color of your profile.(See Related question.)

Why have WikiAnswers changed the background color of questions?

I believe that concepts have to change once in a while and it was time that wikianswers had a change in colors and information brought to you. Nice move.

How do you download the toolbar for guffins?

improve this answer. i want to know because when i downloaded guffins and its toolbar, it didnt come with a toolbar. so yeah can you answer this please. thanks big fan of wikianswers

How does one change the font color in Photoshop?

One can change the font or text color in Photoshop by first clicking the Text tool button. Then when the Text toolbar appears, click the color palette button and select the color wanted.

What is a word toolbar?

A word toolbar is where you change the font or size

Where do you find the questions you have asked on WikiAnswers?

In the left blue toolbar, click on 'My contributions' under 'My pages'. Change the 'Filter By' from 'action' to 'Questions (asked)', and hit 'Go'.

How do you make WikiAnswers on your toolbar?

It depends which browser you're using. In Google chrome, all I do is drag and drop the URL from the top of the screen into one of the folders on the bookmarks toolbar. I have a bookmark for Wikianswers - and it's split into the different categories I'm interested in.

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