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yes mostly you can change locks on any doors

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Q: Can you change the locks on the door if your husband has moved out but your not divoriced?
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Can you change the locks on your home after your husband moved out?

Sure. It's easy.

You live in new jersey and your tenant requested that you change the locks because her husband moved out and is no longer living with her Can you change the locks?

A landlord could get in trouble with the husband for changing the locks, but that seems unlikely, especially with a letter from the wife asking that they be changed. There is also no reason why the wife cannot change the locks herself.

Can I change the locks after tenant has moved out?

If you are the landlord, and the tenant has moved out and surrendered possession of the apartment, you are free to change the locks.

Can your spouse change the locks if you moved out and you are not legally separated?

No your spouse can not change the locks as you both are legally married.

Can your estranged husband change the locks on a house you own jointly that you have moved out of if you still have property in the house?

If you both jointly own a property, your ex husband or wife cannot change the locks. The only way to prevent that person gaining access it via an occupation/non molestation order whilst the divorce/legal separation goes through.

Can your landlord change your locks?

after the tenant has moved, it is recommended. Actually, re-keying.

Can a landlord change locks for abandonment even if the tenant hasn't moved out of rental?


My husband moved out today canI you change the door locks on your home?

yeah so do it then.... chuck all his stuff outside wait 4 him 2 ring the doorbell ask him if hes come to read the gas ROFL

What do I do if I moved out and my husband followed me and won't get out?

Have him arrested?

How do you tell your spouse that its over because you cant trust him anymore after giving him many chances?

You tell him by phone, after you've moved out with all your stuff, or moved all his stuff out and changed the locks. Otherwise, you are just going to hear more excuses, and there will be the danger that you'll change your mind.

Where did Rosa parks live with her husband?

SHE lived with her husband in Alabama the they moved to Detroit,Michigan. Megan d

How does a deadbolt work?

A deadbolt lock works by using a cylinder with pin tumblers and a key. Deadbolt locks are different from regular locks because they can only be moved by proper rotation of the cylinder.

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