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Changing a NoseIf you want to change your nose's appearance, but don't want to undergo surgery, you can use corrective makeup to change the appearance of your nose.

Corrective makeup is the use of foundations, powders and concealers to even out skin tones, hide blemishes, and to make other facial features appear smaller, broader or thinner (ex: cheekbones, nose, and lips). Depending on what you want to change about your nose, you�ll apply a different �shading� technique using various shades of foundation.

What do I need to use?

  • Liquid or cream Foundation. � use various shades for contouring.
  • Powder � to set your foundation. Apply last.
  • Sponge � for blending
  • Flat, rectangular blending brush -- for blending and contouring

What shading techniques could I use?

  • For a shorter nose: blend a darker color under the nose and up over the tip.
  • For a longer nose: highlight over and under the tip of your nose.
  • For a wider nose: use a broad highlight down the center and blend well using a lighter foundation.
  • For a narrower nose: highlight the sides of your nose and blend well

Other tips:

  • To enhance the shape of your overall face, use a blush to contour your jaw, which balances with the contouring of your nose.
  • Make sure your hairstyle is suited for your face and nose. Some shorter, thinner cuts make your nose look larger.

Here are more opinions:

  • Yes, there are some ways you can improve the shape of your nose without surgery. There is the "15 minute nose job" which refers to the injection of biological fillers into the nose. Even though some people have a feature that they consider large on their nose, the injections can diminish the feature by giving the nose a new contour. The effect usually lasts a couple of years before you need a touch-up. These filler-based procedures typically cost $800-$1200 but you can get a deal sometimes.
  • Nope, I don't believe there is much you can do without cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty, in this case). If you think pushing and trying to mold your nose is going to help (some say to), it's not. It'd just be a lost cause and a waste of time. In fact, you could be making your situation worse by doing so. Leave it as be, or consult a plastic surgeon.
  • If you have a confidence problem it will effect your nose from becoming thinner. start by waering nice expensive clothes, your choice or copy glamerous people. Buy no7 foundations in colours: light medium and dark, dark is for the sides of the nose, light for under eyes and near the corner of your eye. medium is for rest of the face, apply lip plump from transformulas as it says once you purchase it and then purchase benefit highlighter - high beam, draw a line down the center or your nose and blend in, apply some to your cheakbones and to your brow bones. wear some mascara, use eyeliner under your eyes, to the corner, then make a little smudge at the side end of your eye. if you don't get better bigger lips, then continue using transformulas and purchase a helping hand product such as benefit colour plump. if you have any problems with it not staying on then apply lock lipstick from rimmel, usually everyone has little dots on their face it helps to cover them up by applying concealer the colour of your foundation, medium and then around the area apply dark foundation, use translucent powder from n07 or caboodles dust powder with shimmer. try not to get upset, do not cry and repeat affirmations in your head such as it's not big, it's gorgeous, get your hair done at the hairdressers to see how you like it week by week and then do it your self so you save money. this is a great apperiance change that makes you gorgeous and helps your nose be thinner. waer a hood when it's raining.
  • I get teased about having a big nose. And I hate my nose. However I just highlight over features and make them appear better and draw attention away from my nose. You are risking too much getting surgeory, have you ever seen a good, realistic nose job? Look at Jodie Marsh that could be the outcome! The things people say about your nose shouldn't bother you, usually you can't change the way you look, so why moan about it?
  • I have a big nose too , if you have a haircut that is close to your face, your nose will get bigger, try to make everything on your face big so that it will appear smaller. Couture your nose like in the answer above and make sure to put make up on it!
  • Ever since I was little, I would mold and push my nose, thinking it would make it smaller! To this day, I still have a habit of doing that, and trust me, it does not help! It IS a waste of time, and I think it did make it worse because my nose didn't harden cause I pushed it so much, and so it was droopy and flared. I regret doing so.
  • well i have a wide nose so i just started squeezing my nose every day on the sides of it and in about a month it started getting smaller
  • If your nose is wide, thick, curved or crooked you may find an affordable solution using the nose inserts. They are a pair of splints that you can insert and remove from your nostril to instanly refined your nose, without surgery or make up.
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Q: Can you change your nose without surgery?
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