Can you change your own 02 sensor?

I changed my downstream sensor by driving the car, 2000 Alero, onto ramps then I set the emergency break. I disconnected the battery to reset the computer before I removed the sensor. The sensor on this car was located on a short pipe between the converter and the muffler. I guess that there is a special socket to remove the sensor but I just grabbed the nut of the sensor with a pipe wrench, since I was replacing the sensor anyway. With the extra pulling power of the big wrench the sensor screwed right off. I carefully pulled the cable of the sensor away from the clips all the way up to the connector. The connector had a safety clip which pulled out, then the electrical connector is pulled apart by bending down the plastic side clip of the bottom connector. I replaced the new sensor using care not to break the wires. Then I worked backwards replacing the cable the same way that I removed the old one.