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Can you change your psp menu icons?

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How do you change the language setting on psp?

in the settings menu...

How do you change language on Simpsons game psp?

go to the menu

How do you get icons for PSP?

mod your psp and get xmb editor

What do you need to have on a PSP to make icons?

You Can't make them on you PSP but with your PC Download The Official Theme Maker And Make you own icons

Can you change psp menu?

No only if you put cfw (custom firmware) on it by hacking.

What is toolbar icons?

Icons are small images that represent menu options.

How do you do penguin icons?

on your little tool bar in clubpenguin there is a menu for icons that you can pick from

Is there a web browser for the PSP?

Yes, there is a Web Browser for the Sony PSP. It is located under the 'Internet' Menu of the XMB (PSP Menu).

How many icons can you have on the iPod touch menu?

12 pages of icons, each page with 16, 192 icons

A menu based interface known as icons is called?

an intrface that uses icons is called a

How do you make your Mac desktop icons smaller?

To change the size of the icons on a Mac's Desktop you simply Right Click on the Desktop and select Show View Options from the menu that appears. You can then move the slider to change the icon size.

How do you change the size of icons on a mac computer?

On a Mac the size of icons can be adjusted by clicking on the Desktop and selecting Show View Options from the Finder's View menu and then using the Icon Size slider.

What is contained in the start menu?

an organized grouping of icons

How do you play FF7 disc 2 on the psp?

To play FF7's disc 2 on the PSP press the home button to bring up a menu while the game is running. This menu should have a disc option allowing you to change discs.

Where is the home menu on the 3DS?

The home menu is that screen full of icons that displays when the 3DS is switched on.

How do you get your psp to read your games?

Go to games on psp menu , click on UMD

How do you change icon size?

If you have windows vista... -For desktop icons right click on your desktop, goto "view" and select the size of the icons you want. -For your start menu right click on your task bar and goto "properties". Click on the "Start Menu" Tab and select "Customize" For "start menu" scroll down to the bottom of the list and check or uncheck "Use large icons" For "classic start menu" Scroll down to the second to last item and check or uncheck "Use small icons in start menu" -For anything else, just reset your theme. (Right click on your desktop and select "personalize" Then click on "theme" Select the one you want and hit ok)

Where is the settings butten on the PSP 3000?

There is no settings button on the psp, the setting are on the main menu.

How you download Yoshi island game for psp?

It's on the PSN, you access it from the PSP menu.

Do you have to pay for the psp menu bar?

No, it's that scrollable menu you see when you switch the PSP on, you don't have to pay anything additional to get it, it's part of the firmware.

Why does Microsoft recommend using Uninstall or change a program to remove an installed application?

It is a process of deleting a files , Icons from startup menu and registry entry.

King Kong psp how do you get to bonus menu?

Press the bonus menu button n00b!

How do you remove icons from menu bar?

Select View then Toolbars from drop down and the remove the Favorites Bar menu

How do you open the Extras menu in ssx on tour game psp?

You will not be able to find the Extras Menu on your PSP since it does not EXIST!You can only find an Extras Menu on SSX ON TOUR for PS2.So if any sites tell you to find an Extras Menu on your PSP for SSX ON TOUR IGNORE that site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know this since I spent days searching for the Extras Menu on my PSP and never found it and also I have a PS2 so I pretty soon found out.

How do you change the theme of the menu icons for the samsung behold?

Hi I'm trying to do that right now once. I find out how I'll post the instructions-Xbox360Guru-Megauploadforums