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No, when you filled out the visa waiver form on the back, you agreed to not being able to adjust your status as a part of the visa waiver program.

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Q: Can you change your status after filing a visa waiver?
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Can a German with a visa waiver change for a green card?

No, not for the Visa Waiver participant nations. It has to be done from outside the US.

What is a visa waiver?

First of all, the term "waiver" comes up in Immigration law more than once and, in more than one case the term is related to a visa. Most commonly, "visa waiver" and "waiver of inadmissibility." There is a difference between a visa waiver and a waiver of inadmissibility. A visa waiver applies when a qualifying alien comes to the United States without formally applying for a waiver at a US consulate.

How to change visa status from E9 to E7 in korea?

To change the visa status from E9 to E7 in Korea, simply visit the immigration offices.

If your boyfriend comes to the US legally from Germany on the visa waiver program without a visa and you get married can he stay here and change his status Will they make him go back for any reason?

This was not advisable course of action in my opinion. However, he should be able to adjust status by filing the I-485 and I-130 (and I-765 if needed). It's advisable not to leave the country until he receives his green card (even if advance parole is granted).

Can someone visiting the US with a tourist visa apply for a fiance visa while staying in the US?

Yes, you can change your status. You should go to the INS and apply for change of status before your current visa expires.

If you entered the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program can you marry a U.S. citizen and apply to adjust your status without leaving the States?

Yes, but it must be spontaneous, not planned at the time you entered. And a genuine marriage, but if you are a visa waiver overstay (meaning you over staid the 90 day period of authorized stay that the visa waiver permits), then you can't. Unless you hold a 245i (an act that was in affect--now closed-- in 2001), which allowed anyone to apply for status while being in the country regardless of any status (undocumented, visa overstays, etc).If you going to do it with a visa waiver, you do have to prove the marriage is real because it is very suspicious that in 90 days you fall in love and are about to get married--immigration will put you under a microscope. If you have been in a relationship with someone in US for couple of months (either long distance or with sporadic visits to US), the best way to do this then is by petitioning a finance visa. This petitions should be done while you are outside the country. The visa is given pretty fast. Once you get to the US, you have like 60 days to get married. (usually 45 to 60 days after filing).

How can you your visa status?

what is marketing visa status

What do i do to get us visa?

Filing for a U.S. visa can take anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the type of visa you want, your status in relation to the United States, and how successfully you complete the paperwork. Though no applicant can be guaranteed a visa,

Can a green card be changed for a visa?

What do you mean green card changed for a visa? A visa to do what? Why would you want to change a permanent lawful residence status for a visa?

Can you still apply for visit visa for US even though you got voluntarily deported from there in the past?

You have to apply for a waiver/pardon since you have a deportation record. If you are accepted that waiver/pardon, then you can apply for a visa. However, being approved for a waiver/pardon does not guarantee the visa approval and, similarly, having a visa in your passport does not guarantee your entry into that country.

Do you need a visa to travel from the UK to America?

A visa is not required, as the UK is a member country of the visa waiver program.

Do you need a visa to travel to Greece from the US?

Shockingly no- Greece is a Visa Waiver Country

What are the Penalties for overstaying your tourist visa in US?

The penalties are that you are subject to arrest and deportation at any time. Your visa would be cancelled (if caught) and it will be difficult to get another visa/overstay waiver. Finally, unless you marry a US citizen, you cannot adjust your status while you are an overstay.

How do you change student visa tier-4 to work visa?

hello, my name is Zohaib Ahmed and i want to change my visa status to tier-4 to work visa is there anyone tell me about it please.

Can you change your visa status from a visa b2?

I can not remmember the visa classifications (hb-1, b-2, k-1, etc,) but I believe that anyone with a visa other than a simple tourist visa can apply preaty much immediately for a permanent resident alien visa (green card).Answer:Well you can change your visa status from b2 to any visa status. i am on h1 visa and due to layoff i change my status to F1 visa. and a person who helped me is Ren Parikh. he is a director of vision career consultancy. you can call 732 283 2666. trust me, he is the cooolest guy. you should atleast call him for advice. its free. i have my persopnal experiemce and he is the best.

If I marry a natural citizen after my visa expires can I file for change of status?


How much to extent stay here in US?

You can extend your stay in US by applying with Form I-539 for visa extension.Application To Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status, Form I-539 should be submitted with proof for current status for most of the US visas.The filing fee is $290.

Does a Japanese citizen need visa to visit the US?

No, a visa is not necessary, as Japan is in the visa waiver program, but that would require an ESTA from you.

Can you check your employment visa status by visa number?

Yes, you can check your employment visa status by the visa number. Employers have a phone number to call and can verify the number instantly. You can call the INS to check your status at anytime.

Do i need a visa to visit Australia for 2 weeks?

Visa rules for entering Australia are dependent on national issuer of the passport. Citizens of the United States are under a reciprocal visa waiver between the two countries. As visa rules are constantly changing it is always advisable to confirm visa status with the Australian Embassy, Consulate or it is Foreign Ministry before beginning travel.

Can you show me my Visa status France embassy in Islamabad?

visit visa status 210321000016

How do you check my visa status in uae?

I have only passport number how to check visa status.

How do you check visa status by Indian passport no?

passport no F1044835 UAE visa status

Do you need a visa to travel from UK to the US?

No, but you have to fill in a visa waiver form on the plane before landing

How do you apply for a legal work status in the US of America?

Your have to be invited by a legitimate US based company to work there; This means that they are going to sponsor your work visa. Then you have to take their job offer to the nearest US embassy or consulate general near where you live and apply for a work visa. If you are in the US with a different category of visa, you should go to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (the INS). *People who travel to the US under Visa Waiver Program cannot change their status while in the US.