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Answer 1: yes

Answer 2: How can it be discharging if it is charging?

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Q: Can you charge a battery while it is discharging?
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How can I test my alternator to see if it is discharging my battery?

You can have the alternator tested free of charge at just about any major auto parts store. By the way, a bad alternator will not "discharge" a battery - the alternator's function is to provide the charge to the battery. If the alternator is faulty, then it is not providing the charge necessary to keep other components from discharging the battery. I had the alternator tested and it was charging. If the alternator has a bad diode, it will discharge the battery. I replaced the alternator and everything is fine.

If you take out the battery in a capacitor before inserting a dielectric will there still be charge on the dielectric?

The charge in a capacitor is between the plates. The dielectric is only an insulator that allows the plates to be very close without touching and discharging the charge. There is no battery in a capacitor.

Is discharging battery a physical change?


Is a car battery discharging a chemical change?


When a battery is discharging?

the cathode becomes heavier.

How can you get your battery to charge with out the charger?

You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

A car battery discharging chemical change?


When a battery is charging?

the anode and cathode are reversed from when it is discharging

Does the DS have better battery life if you plug it in while playing or if you only charge it when the battery is low?

You ant to charge the lithium Ion battery before the battery reaches a 20 percent charge, so when the light goes red.Charge it while you are playing so you can sit there with no battery loss

Can an iPad charge if you listen to music?

AnswerYes, you can listen to music and your iPad will still charge. You can still use your iPad while it is charging. However, turning off your iPad while its charging will cause it to charge faster. This rule goes for all devices. For example, you can still use your laptop while its battery is charging but turning it off will cause it to charge faster. Personally, I try to plug my devices in as much as possible when I can so that I am not discharging the battery. I have laptop computer that are over a decade old. Chances if a component fails it will be either the battery or hard disk drive. In conclusion, have fun with your iPad while its charging if you like.

Is it OK to charge battery while in auto?


What does it mean for a battery to be multi-charge?

A multi-charge battery can be re-charged while your laptop is on or you can use the AC Adapter port to charge while detached from the notebook. An example is the HP KS526AA 12-Cell Multi Charge Extended Battery. It can add up to eight hours of battery life.

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