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Can you charge a iPod touch with a iPod shuffle charger?


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No, the shuffle dock/charger is connected up to the shuffles ear phones. With the iPod Touch, you charge/dock connect through an USB Ipod Touch dock connector, the part you plug into the Ipod is not the the ear phone socket. So, basically...


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You can't charge an iPod shuffle with no charger.

no no no the iPod shuffle charger is too small

an Ipod shuffle will definitely connect an Ipod Shuffle charger.

Yes it should only if the charger is for the Ipod touch.

with a charger or with a computer

Make sure your wall charger is Apple approved. Some wall chargers do not charge the iPod Touch since it was not tested or made to charge an iPod.

no i have looked and you can't get another charger for an ipod shuffle you will have to go and buy a whole new shuffle i had to do the same

If you plug your iPod into a computer or wall adapter, you can charge your iPod Touch.

well, it depends. i have had problems charging my ipod touch 2nd gen. with my ipod nano 1st gen. so, NO!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- guy above is a retard, all ipod chargers work for all ipods EXCEPT the ipod shuffle. The shuffle uses a different kind of charger.

No because I lost my iPod touch charger and I had my iPod nano charger and I started to use it and I bought a new iPod touch charger and it wouldn't charge, only the nano would work

Its a 4th gen. and it is not using a apple charger..

Yes All ipod, Ipad, and Iphone chargers are compatible be cause they have the same sized slot.

ipod touch is 100% better than ipo shuffle i have both of them and ipod touch is better

ipod nano is touch screen (if it is touch) and shuffle isnt. it only has buttons

Yes, you can put the iPod Touch wall charger into an extension cord. That extension cord has to be plugged into a wall to be able to charge the iPod, though.

You can find the cheapest iPod shuffle charger at Apple's Official Get Off My Lawn store! Check it out, it has great cheap iPod shuffle chargers! Good luck finding one!

plug in a ipod touch charger into a computer then plug in the ipod yahh or u can use a ihome oh yea.LOL forgot about that.LOL

Yes, they all use the same 30 pin dock connector, the only one you can't use is the iPod Shuffle charger because it's completely different as it uses the headphone port to charge.

No, it will only work with the charger it comes with, or any other chargers that are designed for iPod shuffle.

well this depends where you got it from you probally need to get the ipod touch from the same place as the ipod shuffle for it to be any possibleor you could just sell the shuffle and then use the money to buy a touch

You can connect your iPod into a USB port, and let the computer charge the ipod for you. You can also use an old charger laying around if the output of the charger is 5.0 Volts and 1000 mili-Amps (1 Amp). Of course the charger would have to be able to accept a USB connector (iPod cable to a USB port charger).

It all depends on which type of ipod you have. Ipod shuffle chargers are differebt from an ipod touch. Go to walmart and look, the chargers will say which one is adaptable or which one will work for which ipod.

you can buy a wall adapter it comes with a new iPod cord.

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