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NO You have to many AMPS from a car, you can jump start it butdon't charge it.

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Q: Can you charge a lawn mower battery from a car battery?
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Can you charge a 12v lawnmower battery with a 12v car battery?

can a 12v lawn mower sealed battery be charged with 12v battery charger use on cars

Can you jump a lawn mower battery with a car battery?

i dont see why not.

Can you use a car battery for riding lawn mower?


How does lawn mower keep battery charged?

the same way a car

Your riding lawn mower battery is dead and have no power Can you jump start your riding mower with your car?


Can you jump a lawn mower off with a car?

yes as long as it is a 12volt battery - i have done it many times.

Can you use a 12 volt car charger to charge a 12 volt battery for a lawn mower?

Yes. Any 12 volt vehicle battery charger can charge any 12 volt battery. Smaller batteries like motorcycle and lawn mower, will charge faster so you will have to watch then closely so as not to overcharge then. The best type of chargers are the ones that monitor the charge rate and slow the charge rate down to a trickle when the battery is almost charged. Some chargers shut off when the charge is complete, for these you pay a higher price but well worth it in the long run.

What is a lawn mower tires and its function?

Lawn mower tires are the specific tires that go on a lawn mower. The kind of lawn mower you drive. They are not as heavy duty as car tires, but they make it so you can drive around your lawn easily and mow your grass.

What pollutes the air more a car or lawn mower?

A car

Can you jump start your riding mower using a trickle charger connected to the battery?

a trickle charger will not jump start anything,however if it is left connected long enuff, and the battery will take a charge, the mower should start. to jumpstart, a mower, you can use a car the same as you would jump start another car. just make sure battery in mower is 12 volt same as car

How do you lift a riding lawn mower to change the blades?

You can lift a riding lawn mower with a car or floor jack in order to change the blades. Simply place the jack under the frame of the lawn mower but away from the blades to lift it. Then, block the mower up using bricks or concrete blocks.

Who is responsible if a rock from a lawn mower hits a passing car?

The person mowing.

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