Can you chat with Daniel Radcliffe online?

There has been an Official Daniel Radcliffe MySpace. Viewers say that he sometimes logs on to reply and keep in touch with his fans. Sorry, but Daniel does not have a MYSPACE. You can go to and find out the truth. As far as talking to him, Daniel never emails his fans. He does it for your own safety, as alot of people have been duped into thinking they were actually talking to him. If you want the truth you can read it below. They come straight from his newslettes. "I still receive letters from fans saying that they are chatting to me on the internet. I would like to say again that I NEVER chat with fans on the internet. Do not be fooled, however plausable they sound."

"A word of Caution! Many of you have written and said you have been chatting with me via email. Please be careful, as I never use email to communicate with fans and if anyone tells you they are chatting with Daniel Radcliffe they are lying!

"Also, I still get letters from fans saying that they think they are chatting to me on the internet. I can't stress it enough that I NEVER, NEVER, chat to fans on the internet, Please be careful.

1. Many People say that they have your email address and they are chatting with you, is that true?

Answer: I can not stress enough that "NO-ONE" has my email address and I "NEVER" Chat to fans on the internet. Anyone who says they are is lying. Please Be Careful.

Hope that explains it. Please understand that Daniel never emails his fans, phones them, or writes personally to them. He can't make himself any clearer than he already has. Do not leave your personal information on any website. It can leave you open to stalkers, perverts, imposters, and more. Please be careful.