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Yes indeed you can combine oxygen and hydrogen chemically to form water, simply by burning hydrogen in oxygen or air - two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen to form H2O - (although strictly speaking, in the context of chemistry, the water so produced would not necessarily be a "mixture").

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Can hydrogen and oxygen chemically combine to form a mixture called water?

They do combine to form the COMPOUND called water. It's not a mixture it's a chemical compound.

What are atoms that chemically combine called?

Atoms that chemically combine form a molecule.

Are the hydrogen and oxygen atoms chemically bound to form the mixture called water?

Water is not a mixture but a chemical compound. It is formed when hydrogen and oxygen become chemically bound to each other in the ratio of two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom.

Why water is called a compound and air a mixture?

Compound have constant composition whereas mixture have variable. Now, water made by constant composition of hydrogen and oxygen (two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen) whereas air have many elements with variable composition.

Does hydrogen and oxygen atoms chemically bond to form the mixture called water?

naa that's why water is chemically known as H2O 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen and hence they are chemically bonded which all sugestests that water is not a mixture but a substance when you put dirt into water that's a mixture when you mix 2 substances whithout chemical bonding

What is a substance that is not a compound called?

A substance can be a mixture or solution, rather than a compound. These do not require that the separate substances combine chemically. An element is a substance that has only one type of atom.

Does hydrogen and oxygen atoms from a mixture called water?

No. Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, not a mixture.

What happens when you combine fluorine and hydrogen?

They combine to form HF which is called hydrogen fluoride or more commonly called hydrofluric acid, it is a very potent acid.

What is compounts in science?

when two or more elements chemically combine is called compounds

When two or more substances are combined is it called a compound or mixture?

when two elements combine, its called a compound. when when two things like water and koolaid mix combine, its a mixture!

What is it called when two substances combine?

when substances are combined it is sometimes called a mixture.

Why water is called molecule?

The definition of a molecule is two or more atoms which have chemically combined to form a single species. Therefore when the two hydrogen atoms combine with the one oxygen atom, you get a single substance.

What element will not combine chemically?

Several elements do not combine very easily. These are called the noble elements these are ; Helium Neon Argon Krypton Xenon Radon

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