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Can you chug soda?

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Yea, I can do a two liter.

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Is chug an adjective?

Chug is a verb.

What famous book begins Chug chug chug Puff puff puff?

The Little Engine that Could.

How much sea can a sea slug chug?

As much sea as a sea slug could chug if a sea slug could chug sea.

How do you get papers for a CHUG?

You don't, a Chug is a mixed breed and not recognised by the Kennel Club.

What is a chug puppy?

a chug puppy is a cross breed with a Chihuahua and a pug dog

When was Chug-a-Lug created?

Chug-a-Lug was created in 1964-08.

How much do Chug puppies cost?

The Chug costs on average between $100-$500.

Why is junk food so good?

because it is not good for you and that it tastes good because there is sugar in it usually sugar can keep you up and not fall asleep if you chug a 4 liter of soda

How many phonemes are in the word chug?

Chug is a one syllable word with three phonemes: ch/u/g.

How big will a chug dog get?

I have a chug and he is pretty big about 16 lbs. My friends chug though is much smaller about 9 lbs. It just depends, with a mixed breed you will never know for sure, but defintely a great dog!

Is chug a antonym or a synon?

it can be both

When people say that a tornado sounds like a freight train do they mean the train whistle or do they mean the chug chug sound as the train goes over the railroad tracks?

Neither. The sound they refer to is the general rumble or roar of the train going down the tracks. The "chug chug" is characteristic of steam steam trains which are rarely used nowadays.

What are the release dates for Chug Plug and Review - 2012?

Chug Plug and Review - 2012 was released on: USA: 16 October 2012

How do you drink something disgusting?

Just chug it.

Is it bad to chug coca cola?

no but it hurts.

What do they call a pug and chihuahua mix?

a chug

Does alcohol vapour quickly?

only if you chug it

Did Sheamus break his ankle on Monday Night Raw?

Of course Sheamus broke his ankle on Monday Night Raw! He had his drink on. Chug it Sheamus! Chug it!

What word means to drink quickly?

chug is one look in a dictionary for more or an encyclopedia.a sentence like i chug the water down, is to drink it quick

Your 94 dodge spirit is starting to chug what would be causing this?

What do you mean by Chug... like on highways does it kick back at a certain speed, if so it could be the TPS... a dead spark could be a bad headgaskets, wires, plugs, or coil... a clogging cat converter can even make it chug if its starting to clog, and if theres no air flowing threw the cat and exhaust the car can chug...

When was Chug-A-Lug - The Beach Boys song - created?

Chug-A-Lug - The Beach Boys song - was created on 1962-08-08.

How to get high off of lighter fluid?

chug a gallon of it.

What is the name a pug cross with a chihuahua?

Chug. Seriously.

How can you not burp while chugging Pepsi?

It depends on how you chug it.

What is the name of a bichon and a chug mixed dog?

A mongrel

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