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Yes, you can claim your car donation on your taxes. You can only claim the fair market value or the blue book value of the vehical but it must be donated to a bonafide charity.

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Q: Can you claim car donations in your taxes?
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Can I claim donations of cars to charity on my CT state income taxes?

No. The tax deduction will be on your federal income taxes instead.

Does charitable donations have an effect on your taxes?

yes they do. you can deduct charitable donations from the taxes that you are required to pay.

Are taxes donations?

Taxes are certainly not a donation. Taxes are compulsory payments while donations are voluntary contributions to a tax qualified non-profit organization.

Is there a tax on my car donation?

There is a tax DEDUCTION for car donations. The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of the value of your vehicle up to $500

What can you claim on your taxes for a donated car?

You can claim the charitable donation amount for the value of the car. The charity should provide a receipt with this amount listed.

Where do ministries get their money?

from our taxes, from donations and investments.

Do you have to claim a car won as a prize on your income taxes?

Certainly. It has value and you have received it as a winning.

Is donations to charity a selling expense?

Charitable donations would be listed in its own category as "charitable donations". These can be used as deductions for Itemized Taxes.

Can you claim street clothes on your taxes?

can you claim street clothes on you taxes

Can someone claim you on they taxes if you have Medicaid?

can someone claim you on they taxes when you have medicaid

How do you write off charity donations on your taxes?

If you would like to write off charity donations on your taxes be sure you have all receipts and a flawless record of your donations. When you file your taxes itemize the deductions on the appropriate page. If you are unsure how to fill out a tax form get help from a tax professional.

How much can you claim for donations without receipts?


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