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Can you claim carpet damage on your homeowners insurance?


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Carpet Damage

Yes, if it was damaged due to a covered peril under your policy it will be covered.

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Slashed tires coverageYou will need to file the claim under your Auto Insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance does not pay for car damage. That's what auto insurance is for.

It would be an auto claim for the damage to the other and a homeowners claim for the damage to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property damage on your auto policy.

File a claim on your comprehensive auto insurance if you have it. Your homeowners insurance will not cover damage to your vehicle.

Purchase Extended Coverage that includes Wind and Hail losses with your Homeowners Insurance Policy. This way future losses will be covered.

Yes, homeowners insurance will cover garage door damage. You may want to look at your policy to find out what your deductible is. If the deductible is more than the cost of the repair to the door, it would not be beneficial to file a claim.

If the damage happened on the property, maybe. You'll wish to check your policy for coverage, and consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Preexisting Home DamageMost states only allow a maximum 2 year delay in filing a claim.There is no such thing as a retroactive claim. Homeowners Insurance policies "Do Not" cover preexisting damage and the claim should be filed with the Insurance company that was covering the home at the time the damage occurred.Other answersMost do however it depends upon the claim and what state you are in. Also the period of time cannot usually be over 12 months.

If you have homeowners insurance, call the claims number on your policy. Explain the situation, have your policy number in hand, and if you have any receipts of damage or proof of damage keep it.

Homeowners insurance specifically excludes damage done to any four wheel motorized vehicles and motorcycles. Your only coverage for such is under an auto insurance policy and you will need to have comprehensive coverage for such a claim.

An insurance company cannot drop you in the middle of a claim. The state department of insurance sets standards for how long it takes for the insurance company to respond to a claim, and to issue payment once damage is verified. If they have stopped contact with you and have not given you a reason I would contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

It depends on whether or not the car carried comprehensive insurance. If it did the auto owner's insurance would cover the tree damage, regardless of the cause. If the car did not have comp. coverage, then the car owner may be able to make a liability claim against the tree owner's homeowners insurance coverage. If the homeowner's insurance denies the claim, the car owner can still seek a civil award against the homeowner's personal assets.

Depends, what did the bee's do? Some policys exclude certain acts by animals, turn the claim it, and see.

You need to turn this claim in, it all depends on your policy form, the perils, exclusions etc.

It is either a claim for a fire or it is any type of homeowners claims since homeowners policies used to be called fire policies.

I've had a similar issue - I was told to make my neighbour personally liable for any damage and subsequently they can make the claim asked the personal liability section of their house insurance. Thus their house insurance settling my claim for damages

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that financially address losses and damages to an individual’s house and other possessions in his residential home. The policy customarily includes the interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage of personal effects, and even injury that arises by chance while on the property.Property insurance has the following benefits:It is a protection against Property Damage;It covers loss or damage against floods, fires, earthquakes, theft and other weather-related damages;It also provides for liability coverage against accidents.Though insurance policies cover liabilities up to a limited range only, it also includes the liability claim incurred by the owner as it protects the insured from further damage.The rate of the premium always relates to the rate of the insurance claim, that is, the higher the premium value, the higher the insurance coverage will be set.

depends on cause of damage? would be subject to deductible. unless really expensive laptop (current day cost) wouldn't recommend putting in a claim

A claim would need to be filed on whatever policy the home is insured under at the time of the loss.

To make a claim with your homeowners insurance policy, you will need to contact your agent for details on how to proceed from there. In searching the Wallside Windows webpage, I did not see any indication that they accept homeowners insurance as payment.

Will Homeowners Insurance cover an Auto Accident?No, Homeowners Insurance Policies do not provide coverage for Auto Accidents.____________________________________________________________________Other AnswersNo. If he wasn't insured on the car, then there is no way to claim any of his insurance on it. He will simply have to pay himself.

File the claim on your auto insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover automobiles.

I assume that you mean his bicycle and not a motorcycle or motor scooter. If you mean bicycle the answer is no, your auto policy will not cover the damage to the other persons vehicle. Your homeowners insurance may have coverage that would take care of this type of damage. I would recommend that find out what it will take to repair the damage and attempt to pay for it yourself without having to make a claim on your homeowners insurance. You want to try to not make small claims on your insurance if at all possible.

If homeowners bundle their insurance polices they can receive up to a 15% discount on all policies that are current. For individual policies for homeowners insurance, there is a discount for every year that an individual is claim-free.

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