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Can you claim your son who you pay child support for?


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if the other parent ant you have an agreement , or a court order states you claim on odd, or even year returns. mine says the latter, but i don't claim , because that money could be used in my daughters house

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No, the provisions of IRS law only address this based on time spent with each parent. I assume your son is underage? See Dads House at link below about his rights as well as child support issues.

I do not think so. You do not have to pay child support in any state if anyone is over 18.

Depends on your state laws and what your child support agreement says but you have to pay at least until the child is 18.

You will have to pay child support only after paternity has been established either by presumption (i.e., you two were married at the time), your acknowledgment or genetic testing.

To claim a child as a dependent on your taxes, the child must have lived with you and you must have provided support for over 50% of the year. So the mother in this case can claim her grandson on her taxes if she supported the child for at least 183 days out of the year, regardless of whether or not the mother of the child owes back child support.

It depends on the jurisdiction, but it is likely that the grandparents are required to pay child support until the child (father) reaches adulthood. Until then he, and all his actions, are your problem.

If you pay for over half of his support. And no one else claims him. Then yes you can

You still have to pay child support, it's for your son and not his dad, but if he is breaking your agreement you have to go to the police or court.

I heard that once they turn 21 you no longer have to pay child support.unless they make you pay child support as long as they are in school.

My son just got married to someone who has two small children who aren't his, if this doesn't workout will he have to pay child support in the state of AL

It either ends when the child is 18 or the child support agreement would say otherwise. Legally he has been on his own for years.

In general, child support is based on net income - child support obligations are not discharged in bankruptcy.

can my ex change my son last name without my agreement but i am been pay child support can my ex change my son last name without my agreement but i am been pay child support Edit: We need to know more info to answer this one. A quick answer though would be this; if she has full custody then yes she can, the fact that you pay child support has nothing to do with it. However, if you have joint custody then it would depend on the state but in most states you both would need to sign the form.

to the state, but you should file for the other parent to pay also

No you can not claim a child who is married

Yes! If the mother has a child support case agaist you , the court will issue an order for DNA test. Once it's proven that you are the father, you pay.

Very unlikely, unless the child is severely handicapped.

Yes..My husband has a court ordered child support and he is Not listed on the birth certificate of his Son.

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