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Can you clear a pool that has great amount of algae buildup without draining it?

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Yes, you can. First, add your algaecide. Second, add a flocculant (or coagulant). Third, shock the pool. Fourth, run the filter constantly. After a day or two, the dead algae will settle out. Vacuum it out to waste. Good luck.

2006-08-01 12:59:58
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Salt water pool green?

Algae buildup will cause a salt water pool to turn green. A clogged filter will allow the algae to buildup in the pool.

How do you get rid of green algae on indoor waterfall?

Algaecide can usually get rid of algae. Unless the water in circulating there is no way to prevent algae buildup on wet surfaces.

What is one possible reason for the clogged drain?

It could be an algae buildup in the condensate drain.

How do lakes get polluted?

Primarily by overflow sewage, as well as by watercraft fuels, trash and algae buildup.

How do you clean algae from bottom of pool without draining it?

Put an Algaecide in the pool follow the instructions on the bottle Scrub the sides and floor of the pool and allow it to settle for a day or so with the pump of, then vacuum the dead algae on the bottom to waste . you will lose a little water that way but not to much.

What is an algae bloom?

Algal Bloom is the increasing amount of algae in an aquatic ecosystem.

How do you get rid of green algae without draining the pool?

There are a wide variety of algaecides (algae killers) available. Your local home improvement store, or pool store, has them. Most pools can be treated for about $20. You will want to use an algaecide, and "shock" the pool which briefly brings the chlorine level up to an insane amount, and then use a clarifier which will cause all the dead algae to clump up and sink to the bottom, where it can easily be vacuumed out. All of these chemicals evaporate in a day or two, leaving the pool ready for swimming.

How much does algae weigh?

In order to determine how much algae weighs, the amount of algae being weighed is needed. The more algae, the more it will weigh.

How does golden algae feed?

golden algae does not feed, it only grows with the amount of water.

What is the division of algae?

It completely depends on temperature, type of algae, and the amount of Phosfates in the water. Plus algae evolves on a yearly basis.

How do you clean algae from a Pebble Tech pool surface without draining the pool?

shock the pool add algaecide and scrub the pool walls with a stiff pool broom this should take care of the problem within a couple of days.

Can you put algae tablets in the aquarium without killing an algae eater?

I suppose so

Can plankton survive without algae?

no.... if there is no algae there is no plankton... if there is no plankton there is no fish or baby fish

Do flamingos turn green after eating algae?

they don't turn green cause of the amount of algae they eat.they eat more shrimp than algae.

Where can algae grow quicker a tank with a filter or without?

Algae grows in any tank regardless of having a filter or not; it will depend on the amount of light the tank gets regardless of that being sunlight or indoor lighting, the temperature of the water (warmer water can mean more algae), and whether you are over-feeding your fish or not.

How does a water snail survive without algae?

it does not

What is the name of the plant without root?


Can fish live without algae?

Yes they will be OK without algae but they are always better off if they have some kind of growing plant life in their environment.

How do you get rid of algae in swimming pools?

You shouldn't have algae in your pool if your chemicals are correct. I would suggest NOT swimming in it until you have had it maintained. You will probably need to do a chlorine shock to it to kill off the algae, then stabilize it. If the algae is too bad, then draining the pool and cleaning it would seem in order (Disclaimer: I am NOT a pool person... just a guy who knows a little bit about them)

Why is phosphate bad for dish detergents?

because detergents end up turning into dish water and draining into the ocean and that causes an algae bloom and that blocks out sun light for other plants and all the plants below the algae dies

Why can't algae live without fungus in lichen?

Because it will die without

How does green algae respond to changes?

without thought

What factor limits where algae are found in the open ocean?

Sunlight, without this important source no algae could grow.

A large amount of algae in a lake is a result of?

phosphate and nitrogen pollution

What are sea urchins ecological importance?

Sea urchins are a hugely important algae eater, they control the growth of algae by eating a huge amount of it.