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no. wait until its older and it starts to fly a few feet across the yard. Also if its flying a little high when its older it might be a good idea to clip them then!

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โˆ™ 2011-12-07 19:11:50
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Q: Can you clip a baby chickens wings?
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Are chicken wings just baby chickens?

No. Chickens are birds and like all birds they have wings. The wings are the actual chicken's wings, not baby chickens.

Can chickens still fly after having their wings clipped?

Chickens can't fly.....

Do you have to clip a chickens wings if your pen has no top on it?

I would clip only one wing, otherwise if you clip both then they can still fly.The object is to clip one wing to make them off balance.

What would life be like if chickens could fly?

In fact chickens can fly but domesticators usually clip their wings to keep them on the ground. It's pigs that can't.

What are many baby turkeys called?

chick / chickens / birds / chicken wings / kfc

What are chicken wings?

the wings of chickens

What is the function of chicken wing?

Unbenounsted to most people, chickens can actually fly. Farmers just clip there wings a tad to keep them from flying.

How do you determine the sex of baby chickens?

in between the bones in the wings the female chicks have a flap skin in between there.

Do chickens have hands?

No they have wings

What is bird?

A bird is a creature with wings and can fly.NOTE(Chickens are birds)

Can you turn baby chickens in with older chickens and roosters?

It depends if the baby chickens are with their mother or not.

What part of chickens do chicken wings come from?

Chicken wings actually do come from their wings.

Can chickens really fly for real?

Yes they can, chickens has wings and feathers.

How many wings of chicken have?

Chickens usually are born with 2 wings

Is buffalo wings from baby chickens?

no...they are regular chicken wings that you have all of the time. the term "buffalo" comes from where they supposedly got their start. someone in buffalo, N.Y. decided to add hot sauce and melted butter over the wings.

Can you stop a parakeet from flying?

yes clip their wings If you clip any bird's wings to the same length, they will still be able to fly awkwardly. When you clip a bird's wings for the purpose of stopping them flying, be sure to just clip the long flight feather at the end of one wing, not both wings. Be gentle, and be sure not to cut the bird itself.

When can baby chickens fly?

Chickens dont fly. Not even Baby ones.

Should you clip a birds wings after letting it fly?

This question doesn't make any sense. You should never clip a birds wings.

How do you clip a chicken's wings?

When you clip chicken wings, many say you should only clip one otherwise, they can still fly. Clip as above and never clip where there are blood vessels. You can hold the wing toward a light source to see where the blood vessels are.

How do chickens move their wings?

using their muscles

Do chickens have fingers?

No, they have wings and feathers, not fingers

What do chickens have?

The same things we have but with wings and feathers.

Do chickens put their chicks under their wings?


How do you tame a free spirit?

Clip their wings.

How do you stop a chicken from flying?

You can clip their wings.