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Can you close vents in colder rooms that are closer to the air return to send more cold air to warmer rooms farther from the air return?

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Yes, you can adjust the airflow by changing the position of the vanes in the air distribution diffusers throughout your home. Keep in mind that these grilles have more than simple on/off positions and that you can regulate airflow with minor adjustments as well. For example, in my two story home we restrict cold airflow in downstairs rooms in the summertime because the upstairs rooms need more cold air. We do the reverse in winter. In commercial construction this is known as "test and balance" and specialty contractors are hired to perform this work, however, in your own home you can be the specialist. Make adjustments and note the difference after giving plenty of time, hours, for the air conditioner to perform. Yes, but I would not close it off altogether. If your register is adjustable, you should be able to use the adjustment to the max closed position and still get some air flow.

2006-08-07 17:27:06
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