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No. You have to have a current work history.

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If you used to live in state of CA and then moved to another state then maybe yes. But if you are out-of-CA towner trying to collect CA umeployment benefits, most likely no.

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Q: Can you collect California state unemployment benefits if you have not worked in years?
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If you live in California and move to Honolulu Hawaii can you still receive unemployment from California?

Yes. If you had worked in Utah and qualified for your unemployment there, you can move to another state and collect unemployment benefits from Utah as long as you complied with Utah's requirements. It is an interstate agreement that is allowed.

Can you collect unemployment from California if you temporarily move to Illinois?

Yes, you can collect unemployment insurance if you have worked in Hawaii but moved to California. Even if you think you do not have enough in Hawaii's unemployment insurance to collect. I worked in California all my life and was offered a job in Hawaii in October 2008. I worked until March 2009 and then tried to collect while i lived in Hawaii. I was denied befits in Hawaii in March 2009, so I moved back to California and could not find work so i collected unemployment in California. It was a knowledgeable person in California EDD that recommended that i file in Hawaii versus California because of the amount i would collect there was a lot more than i collected here. I told them I was denied benefits over there because i did not work long enough over there (hence; i did not put enough money in Hawaii's Kitty) So California's EDD said they would transfer what I put in California's unemployment insurance to Hawaii's unemployment insurance, then that would make me eligible to collect.

Can you collect unemployment in California if your 40 hours get cut to 32 hours?

No, it is not hard. The Related Link below refers to partial benefits due to reduced earnings, etc.

If you just graduated from college can you collect unemployment?

No students are not employed. You can only collect unemployment if you actually worked enough weeks at a job to have paid unemployment compensation.

Can you get unemployment if you worked for a nonprofit organization in Ohio?

Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment to the state. If they choose not to pay unemployment then the employee cannot collect unemployment. If they do pay unemployment costs to the state then the employee can collect unemployment benefits. Nonreligious organizations do have to pay unemployment, but they can pay the state one of two ways. As a state tax rated employer (same as a for profit company) or as a direct reimbursurer. In this case the employee is able to collect unemployment benefits. Referenced from

Can a 2010 census worker collect unemployment?

Yes, (at least in California) there is a special unemployment form to be filled out if you have worked for the federal government but after that, the process proceeds as usual.,

Can you get unemployment after working 2 months?

Whether or not you are eligible for unemployment benefits depends on a lot of factors (i.e. the state you live in, the amount of time you worked at your job, the number of hours worked, the nature of the employment) but only working at a job for 2 months you would probably not be eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

Can you receive unemployment if you never worked?

No. You only collect unemployment benefits from the "liable state" (which collected payroll taxes from the employer an applicant had worked for). However, if you had worked in another state during the current base year for that state, the "agent state" (where you live) can help you collect from that state.

Where do you file for unemployment if you worked in Michgan but recently moved to California?

In Michigan, that is where you worked, but if you also file in California ( not to get benefits but to register as unemployed ) you can take advantage of their job location service

If you are on unemployment and move from New York to New Jersey can you collect unemployment?

Yes, providing you comply with the regulations of the state you worked in, New York, concerning moving while collecting benefits.

You live in Connecticut but work in New Jersey which state do you collect unemployment from?

Generally, unemployment benefits are paid by the state in which you worked. If you live in Connecticut and work in New York you most likely collect unemployment benefits from the state of New York.

Can you collect unemployment from North Carolina if you moved from California?

Strictly speaking, no. If you haven't worked and become eligible for benefits from North Carolina, you can only receive them from California, providing you were eligible back there. What you can do, however, again if you had qualified, is to apply through the North Carolina office to receive them from the "liable state" (CA) through the interstate unemployment program.