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You would have to review your policy and see if it requires that you are under an MD's care.

2011-07-30 22:12:30
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How does alternative medicine see cancer?

Alternative medicine tends to disagree with conventional medicine about the treatment plans for cancer

Are alternative systems of medicine all hocus pocus?

Conventional, alternative or complementary is as per see. A person who prefers, let's say homeopathic medicine, as a first line of treatment, conventional medicine is an complementary/alternative for him/her. Likewise a person who took conventional medicine as first line of treatment, other forms of treatment are complementary/alternative.

How are complement deficiencies treated in alternative medicine?

There is no alternative treatment for complement problems.

Is alternative cancer medicine recommended by the ACS?

The American Cancer Society has a list of types of cancer alternative medicine that can be used alongside standard treatment to reduce pain and improve mental health. This can be found at .

I am 15 weeks and i have back pain and abdominal pain is that normal?

there are alternative medicine that you can use for your problem, try to go to the chiropractor, they are using chiropractic treatment that can help you to cure the pain. Chiropractic treatment is the best known alternative medicine for pain problem.

Does insurance cover alternative medicine?

In the US and Canada Naturopathic Doctors are licensed in some states/provinces. It some states such as Vermont ND's are primary care physicians, so if you have insurance you are covered.However this is generally only true for visit costs and not necessarily treatments.In other states, like Indiana and Kentucky, insurance covers none of the costs of alternative treatment. However, generally the cost of the visit is lower than the copay for a doctor's visit, and the cost of the treatment (Vitamins, herbs, other alternative treatments) is lower, too, especially if you do not have prescription insurance or a doctor does tests that are not covered by insurance.

What is meant by alternative treatment modalities?

A modality, in medicine, is a method of therapy - usually physical - such as massage.

What is the alternative treatment method based on the theory that human diseases are caused by subluxations?

chiropractic medicine

How is vegetarianism used in alternative medicine?

In alternative medicine, vegetarianism is a cornerstone dietary therapy, used in Ayurvedic treatment, detoxification therapies, the Ornish and Wigmore diets, and in treatments for many chronic conditions

How is cancer treated in alternative medicine?

Cancer is treated in alternative medicine using various ways. These are non-conventional methods of treatment which include aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage and so much more.

What has the author G N Uzhegov written?

G. N. Uzhegov has written: 'Kozhnye bolezni' -- subject(s): Alternative medicine, Alternative treatment, Diseases, Popular works, Skin, Treatment

What alternative medicine is there for dexamethazone?

There is no alternative medicine to the dexamethasone.

What has the author Bob Ellal written?

Bob Ellal has written: 'Energy warriors' -- subject(s): Alternative treatment, Qi gong, Chinese Medicine, Mind and body, Cancer, Alternative medicine, Spiritual healing

How can you use alternative medicine in a sentence?

Here is how you can use alternative medicine in a sentence, "Most herbalists will claim to have alternative medicine." Alternative medicine refers to another option in terms of medication.

How is lazy eye treated in alternative medicine?

The following alternative methods may complement conventional treatment of lazy eye. However, they are not replacements for conventional treatments.

What has the author Barbara Royal written?

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What has the author Lori Lyons written?

Lori Lyons has written: 'A practical guide to herbal therapies for people living with HIV' -- subject(s): Alternative medicine, HIV infections, Herbal Medicine, Herbs, Medicine, Herbal, Therapeutic use, Therapy, Treatment 'A practical guide to complementary therapies for people living with HIV' -- subject(s): Alternative medicine, HIV infections, Therapy, Treatment

Can Ayurveda be included in alternative medicine?

Yes, it is a form of alternative medicine. "Wide use" does not make something not an alternative medicine. To not be an alternative medicine, it has to go through rigourous testing against placebos. Ayurvedic hasn't done this. It, therefore, is scientifically unproven and an alternative medicine.

How can one get an alternative medicine from his doctor?

There are many ways one might receive an alternative medicine rather than a traditional medicine from a doctor. Typically, the best way to receive the desired treatment is to visit the type of doctor that would prescribe the desired type of medication.

What are the beliefs behind alternative medicine?

What are the beliefs behind alternative medicine?

How is pneumonia treated in alternative medicine?

Alternative treatment such as nutritional support, however, can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with pneumonia and boost the body's immune function.

How is pleurisy treated in alternative medicine?

Alternative treatments can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment to help heal pleurisy. Acupuncture and botanical medicines are alternative approaches for alleviating pleural pain and breathing problems.

How is tetanus treated in alternative medicine?

traditional Chinese medicine herbal remedies are the most common alternative treatment for tetanus. Herbs that have sedative effects should be given to reduce the frequency of convulsions, along with herbs to fight the bacteria.

Why is alternative medicine a healthier solution?

Allopathic medicine which is essentially refined bio chemicals/minerals are used for symptomatic conditions and treatment with prescription medicine, usually causes side effects and does not cure the disease blocks the pathway that can always have relapse. Usually the symptoms are treated and not the cause for a cure.While in alternative medicine the cause of the disease is treated and the disease goes away.Alternative medicine is raw without side effects and is easier on the body.Since ancient times humans and animals have used alternative medicine.

What has the author Andrew Gaeddert written?

Andrew Gaeddert has written: 'Digestive Health Now' 'Healing digestive disorders' -- subject(s): Alternative treatment, Chinese Medicine, Digestive organs, Diseases, Herbs, Medicine, Chinese, Naturopathy, Therapeutic use 'Healing immune disorders' -- subject(s): Alternative treatment, Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Immunologic diseases, Medicine, Chinese, Naturopathy, Therapeutic use