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Can you collect disablity if injured at home while not employed?

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disability is a benefit for people who can never work again (example) elderly sick,heart surgery,something broken,blind, handicap etc....sounds like you looking for unemployment insurance big diff. * Social Security eligibility is based upon the number of work quarters the person has accumulated, the nature of the injury or illness, and many other factors. Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), also under the jurisdiction of the Social Security Administration, is for disabled persons who have not been employed or do not meet SSD requirements. RRBD and other governmental disability programs are basically the same as are SSA programs. Private disability insurance is a different issue. The Social Security Administration website has all the necessary information and forms for all SS matters. Social Security Administration,

2006-08-05 11:22:05
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Do you have to be employed to receive disability?

No. It's possible to buy Disablity Coverage while employed, then get disabled while unemployed. There are many types of Disability Coverage.... State Disability, Social Security Disability, Private Individual, etc.

Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits while being self-employed?


Can you continue to receive New York State unemployment working for Americorps?

It is illegal to collect unemployment benefits while employed in NYS.

Can a qualified injured worker look for work and be qualified for unemployment benefits?

No, if you are employed and making a gross income while collecting unemployment benefits, and they can prove you know this is wrong, you can be arrested for fraud.

Can you collect ssi while living in the Philippines?

Can you collect SSI benefits while living in the Philippines

Can you collect New York State unemployment while on disability?

if you are fired while on disability can you collect unemployment?

I am self employed and have medical coverage through my husband's company.If I am injured while working does my medical coverage through his company cover my medical expenses?

No, Most if not all plans exclude work related conditions.

Do football players get paid while injured?


How many people were injured while building the chrysler building?

There were many people injured while building the Chrysler Building. There were seven people killed while building the Chrysler Building..

Can you collect state disability from California when you live in another state?

Yes, a person can collect California State disability payments if he or she is living in another state. A person's eligibility for California State disability benefits is determined by the amount of money that he or she contributed to the SDI while they were employed in California, not by the state that they are currently living in.

Can you collect ssi while in prison?


Do they owe you the back years of pension since you were eligible to collect a pension at age 55 but did not know that so at age 61 you are just now going to collect your first check?

You kept working for the company? They don't owe you anything because you collected a paycheck. You can't get a pension while you're still employed by them.

Can you collect disability while pregnant?

You can collect on short term disability while pregnant after your doctor indicates that you are unable to perform your job duties.

Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Can you collect workers compensation while incarcerated?


Can your ex employer bill me for medical insurance that wasn't deducted from my paycheck while employed by them?

Yes. When you receive a bill from your employer that would mean that they can bill you for the medical insurance while you were employed by them.

Can you collect unemployment while on disability?

Collecting unemployment while on disability depends on the state and the laws. However, in most states, you cannot collect both.

Can you collect unemployment while on strike?

No, you can not collect unemployment while on strike. One of the requirements to be able to obtain unemployment is that you are unemployed through no fault of your own.

Can you collect social security disability benefits while in a mental facility?

While on social security disability if sentenced to a mental facility can you still collect

What is the penalty for injuring someone in soccer?

The fact that someone was injured is not a penalty. There are many times people get injured while playing fairly. Players sometimes get injured as they commit fouls.

Can you collect SSI while in jail?

You cannot collect SSI (Social Security Income) while you are in jail. Once you get out of jail, the income will start back up.

can I collect social security benefits while collecting unemployment benefits in connecticut?

No you cannot collect social security benefits while collecting unemployment benefits.

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No. He is injured and won't be back for a while.

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