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If your most recent employer was in CT, and your employer paid unemployment taxes to the state of CT during that employment, then yes, you can collect benefits from CT while residing in ANY state in the US. Check your W-2 statement, and if your employer's state EIN is listed as CT, you're set.

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Q: Can you collect unemployment benefits from Connecticut if you move to New York?
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I live in Connecticut and work in New York. Do I collect unemployment benefits from New York or Connecticut?

Generally, unemployment benefits are paid by the state in which you worked. If you live in Connecticut and work in New York you most likely collect unemployment benefits from the state of New York.

Can you collect unemployment benefits from Connecticut if you worked in New York?

No. You collect from the "liable state", in this case, New York, but you can file through Connecticut, as an "agent state", who would assist you with the claim.

Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits if you have been receiving a severance?

You can collect unemployment benefits if you have been receiving a severance as well. You can only collect benefits for a certain period of time.

If I live in Connecticut but worked in New York where do I file for unemployment benefits?


Can you collect New York state unemployment benefits while being self-employed?


If you have been laid off by the US Postal Service can you collect New York State's unemployment benefits?

Yes you can collect unemployment if u get laid off the postal.

Can you continue to receive New York State unemployment working for Americorps?

It is illegal to collect unemployment benefits while employed in NYS.

Can a person in New York collect unemployment and work part-time?

Yes, you can work part time and still collect unemployment benefits in New York. See the Related Link below for the terms and conditions thereof.

Are you eligible for New York unemployment benefits if you worked in New York but live in Connecticut?

Yes. The "liable state" (the state in which you worked and the state that received the unemployment taxes from your employer) is the one who will pay your benefits, if you qualified.

How can you collect unemployment in New York?

You can't collect unemployment. It's impossible.

Can you collect state unemployment benefits and social security widows benefits in New York at the the same time?

US Social Security benefits would have no effect on your ability to collect NY State unemployment benefits. They are two entirely separate programs and one does not preclude the other.

Can you collect unemployment insurance benefits and Social Security benefits at the same time in New York?

Yes, as long as you qualify for each of them individually

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