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You must be approved in the state you were laid off in and the benefits will continue to be paid from that same state.

Yes, it may differ state to state so I would check your states department of economical services, unemployment compensation. You need to file with the state you worked in. For example, if you lived and worked in Arizona, and then moved to Missouri, you would need to file with Arizona to send your payments to Missouri. The only snag you may hit is the requirement of job hunting. They cannot make you go to their labor department, so that may cause a denial, but I would reapply if that happens, you can always just fax or mail in the info from your job searches.

AnswerWell, it depends on if you were fired or if you left voluntary, I left NY to come to GA in 1994, and I left under some pretty stressful circumstances, but because I left my jobs voluntarily I did not get unemployment from NY, but when I was fired in 2005 by a major wholesale company in CA, I was able to get the unemployment when I moved to GA, I had to fight for it, but I got it!!!! So whatever state you left, make sure you check on-line or by calling the labor dept to find out if you are able to get your unemployment. All I can say is good luck to you, it took me approximately 6 months to finally get a check. Another answer:Yes you can, as long as you qualified in the state you worked in and cleared with them that you were moving and complied with their conditions. Answer:The US Dept. of Labor says that you must be unemployed Through no fault of your own and that is determined by particular State laws. Depending on that state law, to quit to move somewhere else is not "through no fault of your own". Some states do allow unemployment benefits if you quit for non-job related reasons (i.e. spouse relocation, military, domestic violence issues, etc.) The Related Link below gives many facts about unemployment laws and rules. Mainly, check with your own State's unemployment office for clarification in you. state. AnswerI don't know about your state. But here in NC if you quit your job, your are not eligible for any unemployment. You are eligible only if you are fired or laid off. Opinion:First of all that wouldn't really be honest and second i think it would depend on the state


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Q: Can you collect unemployment if you move to another state and have not found a job yet?
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Can you move to another state with higher unemployment compensation and collect from that state?

No. You can only collect from the state that your employer paid his unemployment taxes to, the "liable" state.

Can you collect unemployment from CA if you move out of state?

Yes you can collect unemployment insurance from the of California while living in another state or district.

If you were laid off in Texas can you move to another state and collect unemployment benefits?

If you qualified, you can collect unemployment from Texas, the "liable state", but not from the state you move to.

Can you collect unemployment from Massachusetts when you move to another state?

If you qualify for unemployment benefits from Massachusetts, then you can continue to collect from them if you follow their instructions for your move out of state.

Can you collect unemployment if you work in another state?

It is legal to collect unemployment if you work in one state and live in another. The question is, where to you collect unemployment? In which state would you file? For further information, see the Related Link below for an example of Texas' laws. You would file a claim in the state you worked.

If you live in one state but was working in another which state do you collect unemployment in?

The state you worked in. You apply for it where ever you are now living.It is legal to collect unemployment if you work in one state and live in another. The question is, where to you collect unemployment? In which state would you file? For further information, see the Related Link below for an example of Texas' laws.

You were fired in pa can you collect in Ohio?

You cannot collect unemployment in another state that you weren't working in. Most of the time you cannot collect unemployment if you were terminated. This is particularly true in an at will state like Ohio.

How do you qualify to collect unemployment in the state of Michigan?

Details of unemployment enrollment can be found at the Related Link below.

Can you get unemployment if you move with family to another state from California?

If you were collecting unemployment benefits in one state and are eligible to continue collecting them but move to another state then you should still be able to collect unemployment but you must apply for unemployment in the new state you are moving to.

Can you collect unemployment if you live in MA and quit your job to move to another state?

No. You QUIT the job. To get unemployment you have to be fired.

Can you collect unemployment from a state you have never worked in?

No. You only collect unemployment benefits from the "liable state" (which collected payroll taxes from the employer an applicant had worked for). However, if you had worked in another state during the current base year for that state, the "agent state" (where you live) can help you collect from that state.

Can you collect unemployment if your employer is in another state?

Yes you can. In fact, I once did it when my previous employer was in another country.

Can you collect unemployment in Connecticut from California?

Yes, you can transfer your claim from one state to another.

If you quit your job and move out of state because you are getting married can you collect unemployment while you look for another job?

Surprisingly, yes. The state that held your last job is obligated to pay your unemployment check even if you are not in the state. Just as long as you fulfill the requirements of that state, you can collect the unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment and work in the state of ill?

I live in the state of Illinois, can you work part-time and collect unemployment benefits.

Can you collect New York State unemployment while on disability?

if you are fired while on disability can you collect unemployment?

Can you collect unemployment if you retire early in the state of Maryland?

No. You can't collect unemployment anywhere for merely retiring.

Can one collect unemployment while living in another state?

Yes, but you should report your temporary address to your filing state.

Can you collect unemployment and Social Security at the same time?

can you collect unemployment and social security at the same time in the state of Pa.

Can you collect California unemployment benefits if you are in another state looking for work?

If you used to live in state of CA and then moved to another state then maybe yes. But if you are out-of-CA towner trying to collect CA umeployment benefits, most likely no.

Can you get unemployment if you worked for a nonprofit organization in Ohio?

Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment to the state. If they choose not to pay unemployment then the employee cannot collect unemployment. If they do pay unemployment costs to the state then the employee can collect unemployment benefits. Nonreligious organizations do have to pay unemployment, but they can pay the state one of two ways. As a state tax rated employer (same as a for profit company) or as a direct reimbursurer. In this case the employee is able to collect unemployment benefits. Referenced from

If you leave your current employer to relocate to another state can you collect unemployment?

If you voluntarily quit your job even though you are capable of performing work, you do not qualify for unemployment.

Can you continue to collect New Jersey unemployment if you move to another state?

Yes, as long as you comply with their requirements for the move.

Must you be a legal resident to collect unemployment insurance?

Yes, illegal immigrants are ineligible for benefits. However, you can be a legal resident in one state, work in another state and be eligible for unemployment benefits from the state you WORK in.

Can a person collect unemployment in South Carolina from a job in another state?

Only the 'other state', the liable state, is obligated for your unemployment benefits. You might be able to file throughSouth Carolina's office, but they are not liable to you.