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Normally, no, if you conceive you do not get your period.

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Q: Can you conceive and have a period the next day?
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How soon after your period can you conceive?

As soon as you meet towards the 14th day from the your 1st day of period.

When are women more likely to conceive?

Women are most likely to conceive at the time of ovulation. Ovulation can happen a week after your period until your next period.

How many days does it take to conceive after your last period?

You can conceive a child 6 days before your period do date so the 20-25 day after your period ended

How soon should you try and conceive after first day of period?

About 14 days after the first day of your period is when you are fertile.

How many days after your period are you able to conceive?

You can conceive at any time, but the best time is 14 days after your period has ended up until your next one starts

When did you conceive if the last day of your period was December twenty ninth?

Conception usually takes place 2 weeks after the FIRST day of a period if you have a 28 day cycle. Say the first day of your period was 24th December you would conceive around 7th January.

If you conceived 1 week before your period will you still get your period?

first of all you cannot conceive one week before your can conceive only during the ovulation period which is 14 th day of your cycle if you have a 28 day cycle.

Should you count from the first day of your period to the first your next period for a cycle or from the last day of your period to the first day of the next?

You should count from the last day of your period to the first of your next.

You had your periods on 1.1.09 intercourse at 20day it meaning you may conceive?

Generally you ovulate 10-16 days before your next period is due. So if your cycle is around 30 days then yes you could conceive on day 20.

What day did I conceive if the first day of my last period was April 5?

Probably around April 19th

When is the best day to try and conceive?

12-15 days before your period is due.

The first day of your last period was August 2nd when did you conceive?

Roughly August 16th

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