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It's possibleIt's possible, but it depends on why you're not getting your period. Check in with your doctor. You may also be underweight, exercising too much, or have hormonal imbalances that prevent your getting pregnant.

If you do not have normal periods, then you are most likely not ovulating, and you should get checked out for PCOS, as it is one of the most common reasons for lack of ovulation and not having a period in women who are not athletes.

Periods happen after you ovulate, as the lining sheds. If you ovulated and the egg was fertilized and you became pregnant, then you would not have a period. An example of this happening would be when coming off of the depo-provera shot or one of the Birth Control pills that are taken several months in a row. In these cases, you could ovulate afterward and get pregnant, but never have a period. Women who just gave birth can also get pregnant again, without ever having another period, for the same reason. Or adolescents who have their first cycle can get pregnant without ever having a period.

However, for an adult woman who normally does not have a period but wishes to get pregnant, she should get checked out by her doctor to test for PCOS and other medical conditions that would prevent her from ovulating and getting pregnant. Not having a period is an indicator of fertility problems and should get professionally diagnosed, if trying to get pregnant.

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Q: Can you conceive if you do not get your periods?
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What age can you conceive?

As long as you're having periods you can get pregnant.

Can you still conceive with an irregular period?

Yes you can still conceive with irregular or regular on time periods! all that matters is you have a period!

Can you conceive after your periods?

You can at anytime but chances are low unless your on your fertile days

Why is it hard to get pregnant with PCOS?

Because PCOS causes irregular periods. If you aren't getting periods that means you aren't ovulating. If you aren't ovulating, you can't conceive.

When you get periods after stopping depo is it possible to conceive?

Once your periods are regular after stopping depo provera, you can probably get pregnant. YOu can also get pregnant just before your first normal period.

When does a woman conceive after monthly periods?

a woman can get pregnant with a baby the FIRST time she EVER has SEX even if she has NO PERIODS! and you are at risk of getting pregnant always. use birth control

How do you get your periods to be normal again?

I need help.. missed my period for 4months n I'm trying to conceive....what can I take

How long after a D and C procedure can you try to conceive again?

how long after a d and c procedure normal periods come

What does two periods in one month mean while trying to conceive?

It means that you need to stop trying to conceive and learn the basics of how your reproductive system works. You don't get two periods in one month, unless you're looking at one at the start of the month and one at the end of the month due to a cycle under 30 days, not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation. Trying to conceive does not change your cycle so that's irrelevant.

You had your periods on 1.1.09 intercourse at 20day it meaning you may conceive?

Generally you ovulate 10-16 days before your next period is due. So if your cycle is around 30 days then yes you could conceive on day 20.

Definition of menapause?

Menopause is a period of time when a woman's body changes and her periods stop. Women who go through menopause can no longer conceive.

When did you conceive if your due date is April 19?

hi well i am due April 22 and conceive on or around the 27 to the 1 of august does this help my periods were 12th of July had sex 24th of July and the 5th of august with different partners who could be the dad

What is is the right time to conceive a baby boy if your periods are over on 11th December?

the God knows everything,,Only the Gods can perfectly answer ur question:)

If taking antibiotics can cause periods?

No, taking antibiotics cannot cause menstruation. Menstruation is caused by your menstrual cycle: if you do not conceive the uterine lining sheds.

What does it mean when you don't have your period for a month then it comes on the next month?

This may mean that your periods are slightly irregular, which is nothing to worry about unless you are trying to conceive.

Can you conceive on your period and continue bleeding?

Yes you can conceive on your period but it is very unlikely. You are more likely if your periods are frequent and irregular. Less likely if you have regular periods. The best way to prevent pregnancy at any time is to use a contraceptive.

If you have irregular periods can you get pregnant?

Yes. It's just harder to know when you are most likely to conceive when you are planning for a baby. There is every reason to suppose so if you keep on trying.

What can you do to help cramps for dogs during pms?

Dogs do not have periods or pms. They go into heat (the only time they can conceive) approximately every 6 months, this is the time that they ovulate & can get pregnant.

When you have a period does it mean you are having a baby?

No . Periods mean you can have the choice one day to conceive. But first you must make physical contact with a male and get male sperm into your falopin tubes.

What is the correct spelling of conceive?

That is the correct spelling of "conceive".

If you have irregular periods does this mean you have only one chance to conceive between periods or can the cycle continue even without monthly bleeding?

Yes, there is still only one chance. This chance to get pregnant is usually about half way beween your last period and your next period.Good luck!

What are periods like when your pregnant?

You will not have a period while you are pregnant. However, you may have light bleeding when you first conceive called implantation spotting, and some women do bleed a bit each month.

When did you conceive if your due date is August 12?

you conceive in Dec

Your baby is 22 weeks when did you conceive?

i am 31 weeks when did i conceive

Can you conceive and have a period the next day?

Normally, no, if you conceive you do not get your period.