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The PlayStation 2 software does not support un-routered connections to a computer. If you have a USB ADSL modem, and wish to connect the PlayStation 2 to your PC to use its internet connection, look for proxy creation software. It can channel the connection between the PC and PS2 to the WWW, fooling the PS2 it is connected to a router or LAN-compatible ADSL modem.

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Q: Can you connect a PlayStation 2 to the computer using an ethernet plug?
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Is it possible to connect your playstation 3 to the internet using an intenet card?

no you need WiFi from DSL or cable or an ethernet connection

How do you connect the 2wire to the computer?

If you want to connect using cables/wires, you would have to use an Ethernet Cable.Or you can connect to it wirelessly. You must have a 802.11g wireless adapter card installed onto your laptop/computer.

How do you get wired internet with a ps3?

Find a Broadband or DSL internet provider or if you already have one and are already using it connect a router to your modem. Then simple connect an ethernet cable from your modem to your router and one from your router to your PS3. The cable that was going from the modem to your computer now goes from your router to your computer. If you are not using the internet service before then just connect th ethernet cable from your new modem to the PS3. Then if you do get a computer just buy the router and the ethernet cables then.

How do you fix web browsers not using Ethernet cable to connect to internet unless connected to WiFi as well?

solved (not what i meant tho i went to another website)

How can you hook up an old laptop to broadband?

You connect an old laptop to broadband just like a new laptop, using the Ethernet port. If the computer doesn't have an Ethernet port, then you will have to purchase an adapter.

How do you use your wired broadband connection to connect your wireless laptop to the internet when there is no wireless network available?

You have two basic options. 1.You can connect your laptop to your cable, fibre optic, or DSL modem or Ethernet port using an Ethernet cord. 2. You can connect your cable, fibre optic, or DSL modem or Ethernet port to a wireless router using a Ethernet cable. You then connect your laptop using wireless to your wireless router.

Can you connect an wireless to ethernet to ethernet?

A wireless device can be connected to Ethernet by using an Ethernet to wireless bridge. This allows the wireless signal to be converted into a physical connection where it can be passed on to other Ethernet devices.

How do you connect a laptop to the internet without using dailup?

There are three ways; 1. The first one is using a wireless modem either built in to the computer or attached via usb or firewire and connect that to a wireless router or wireless hotspot. 2. Use Ethernet, using an Ethernet port (it looks like a dial up port except wider) and connect that to the back of a DSL router or Ethernet access point. 3. Using Mobile Broadband, usually provided by mobile providers that is plugged in to a USB port

Is it possible to connect a computer to the internet through a laptop wireless connection using an ethernet cable?

Yes it is possible. It's called Ad-Hoc networking.

What is the difference in Ethernet crossover and patch network?

A patch cable is used to connect a computer to a hub. a crossover cable is used to connect two computers to each other without using a hub. Ste.

Do you need wireless internet to go online with a ps2?

With the PlayStation 2, internet access can be enabled in a variety of methods, the most common of which is through a wired connection. Using the ethernet port on the back of the PlayStation 2, one can connect the PS2 system to the internet. However, if no ethernet connection is available, some third-party wireless adapters are available that can be used with the PS2 either through the USB or ethernet port.

Can you use mobile broadband for playstation network?

PS3 must connect with a DSL or Cable broadband using WiFi or Ethernet cable only. The new PS Vita will connect with WiFi or for some models 3G when it is released on February 15 2012

How do you connect to the internet using a usb cable?

you go and get an ethernet cable, or wifi

Can you hook a PlayStation 3 on your PC?

I'm not sure what you mean by hook. The PS3 uses it's own internet connection with an ability to connect to the internet using WiFi or an ethernet cable only and needs a TV or HDTV for Audio and Video not a computer monitor. You certainly can not run your PS3 using the computer as a controller or otherwise play PS3 games with your PC somehow using the PS3 as a part of the PC.

How to connect ps3 to A COMPUTER Using ethernet cable?

You don't. You connect a PS3 to a router or modem and then you also connect the computer to the router or modem. Your internet service goes to the router or modem also. If you modem only has a single out plug you can switch back and forth between the PS3 and the computer until you purchase a router or get a modem with more outputs

How do I connect 2 laptops?

In a network using a router, or directly with an Ethernet or FireWire cord.

Can you connect a ps2 to the net using usb modem?

You can't; it's Ethernet or nothing.

How to connect 30 and above PC in organization using lan?

You would connect them with ethernet cables and 1 or more switches. If you require more than 1 switch, you need to connect the two switches with an ethernet cable too.

How do you connect two computers together?

You connect two computers together by making them part of the same computer network e.g. LAN, WAN or the Internet. They can also be connected together using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Can you connect to xbox live using btfon?

only through ur computer/laptop because u need to log on ur btfon on ur PC then use ethernet to connect xbox to laptop works great for me)

Using a PlayStation 2 controller on a PC?

You can't use a playstation controller on a computer.

When you connect your ps3 to the internet does it mean that the internet on the computer won't work?

No. Unless you are using a wired connection and unplug the computer's Ethernet cable because you do not have a router or WiFi Modem.

What kind of Ethernet cable do i need for an xbox to cable modem connection if i am using a usb to connect the modem to my PC?

is it a straight ethernet or a crossover? i am using a Motorola SURFboard SB5120. You'll only need a straight ethernet cable for that.

Can you connect to a printer using an Ethernet cable?

You can connect a printer using Ethernet if the printer has an ethernet jack. If not you can purchase a used HP Jet Direct box on E-Bay for $10, which has a parallel connector that works for older printers. The printer connects to the jet direct via parallel cable, then a CAT 5 (Ethernet) cable to a hub, switch or router. If you are using Windows choose Add Printer , Local Printer attached to this computer, create new port, arrow down to TCP/IP port and type in the address from your router (192.168.1.X).

How can you connect several computers to one adsl computer?

You should use a router. Typical router has 4 LAN ports to connect computer using Ethernet network cable. Many routers also have wireless (WiFi) connectivity so some computers can be connected using wireless adapters (no cables needed in this case).