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Can you connect four switches to one Router?

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Yes. Just connect one switch strait into the router. Then hook the other three switches into the first switch. -DJ Craig

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What is hub and why it is used in computer?

A hub is 10 year old hardware technology used to connect more that one computer together (people use switches now, switches auto detect speeds). You usually use a router to connect to the internet

What is the difference between a network router and switch?

router is wan device but another side switch is LAN device . Routers are used for filtering the traffic. Switch works on data link layer and router works on network layer . Switch use to connect two or more computer and router use to connect two or more networks.

Where is the router on the PS3?

The PS3 does not have a router. you must purchase one to connect online if you need a router

What are network switches used for?

A network switch is used to connect various network devices. Switches have the ability to receive a message and relay it to just one device which the message was intended whereas a router sends it to every device on the network.

What cable use to connect from one router to another router?

An ethernet cable.

How many collision domains with one router and two switches?

In Router one and in switch each port having collision domain.

What can I do with a router?

A router is hardware that is used, generally, for routing, and use, with networks. Routers connect two subnets, or more, which likely will conect two one to one physical interfaces of the router. You probably have a router that uses a ISP to connect to the internet.

How do you connect two desktops to one DSL modem?

You need to connect your modem to a ROUTER, and then connect both desktops to the router, instead of connecting one desktop directly to the modem. You can connect the 2 desktops to the router either with standard CAT5 network wiring (recommended), or wirelessly if you have a wireless router and suitable wireless hardware attached to the desktops.

What is a wired modem or router?

A wired modem or router is one that you must connect to your computer with an Ethernet cable in order to connect the computer to the internet.

How do you hook up a wireless router to a non wirless router and the modem?

Connect wireless router to the non-wireless router, and then connect the last one to the modem. Make sure that you are using right ports (WAN vs. LAN).

Which one cable is used to connect swithches?

crossover cable is used to connect two switches.

Can already connect to network but not Internet How do you connect to wireless Internet?

You need to purchase internet service package from one of providers, for instance, Road runner. After they showed up and installed a modem. You need to have a wireless router. Use a lan cable which comes with almost wireless router to connect the modem and the router. When you connect the cable in the router you have to choose a proper port. Usually it's written on router where the internet port is. You need to connect the cable in the router internet port. After that you might have to configure the router.

Can 2 wireless routers be connected to a router i have a netgear and d-link router and a ubee modem?

Yes, you can do that. But it can be done only in series type connection not in parallel. Meaning that you should connect one of your router directly to the modem and another router connect to the first one.

What piece of equipment do you need to connect to the internet?

A modem to connect to a wired cable,a router for wireless,some are both modem and router in one, newer telephones also have the ability to connect to internet.

Can you connect a wireless router to desktop PC?

Yes, you can. There are at least two ways. First one is to get a wireless adapter for your desktop. Second one is to use a LAN cable to connect your desktop to your router.

How do you get online on your xbox 360?

make sure you have a router ( wireless or wired ) then connect you Ethernet wire/cable to the router and one to the xbox 360 the go to connect live

Why is it necessary to connect one wired computer to a router?

to see if comes on

How does one hook up a wireless modem router to the computer?

Connect the wireless modem with the router correctly. The computer will wirelessly connect to your modem through your router. Make sure to set up your computer correctly too.

How do you connect two sepaerate computers using one router?

its so simple...connect them to the RJ45 port of the router and see that the port blinks.this indicates that they r up and running

How do you use the single user bradband connection to multi users?

Connect the broadband connection to a router, and connect the router ports to the individual systems. If necessary, extend the number of ports on the router by attaching a switch to one of the router ports and attaching multiple clients to the switch.

Can i connect a switch that function as a router to another router for local area network?

A switch cannot function as a router. But you can plug a switch in to one of the ports on the router if you need additional ports.

How do you hook up a cable modem to a wireless router to a ps3 ethernet with out interfering with the wireless in my laptop?

If you connect your modem to the router, and then using one of LAN port (router's) connect the PS3 to the router, you will not interfere with wireless signal at all.

You want to connect your laptop to internet whihc is already been used by your PC?

The best way to connect your laptop to Internet when is already being used by your PC is to add a router. Depending on the router you select, you can then connect your laptop to the router or you can connect wirelessly. This will allow you to have more than one computer on the Internet at the same time.

Can you connect fax machine to a router?

Typically no. But my company, FaxLogic, and one other that I'm aware of, Nextiva, make adapters that let you connect an analog fax machine to an Ethernet router.

How do you get wired internet with a ps3?

Find a Broadband or DSL internet provider or if you already have one and are already using it connect a router to your modem. Then simple connect an ethernet cable from your modem to your router and one from your router to your PS3. The cable that was going from the modem to your computer now goes from your router to your computer. If you are not using the internet service before then just connect th ethernet cable from your new modem to the PS3. Then if you do get a computer just buy the router and the ethernet cables then.