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Can you connect your Game Boy to a computer?

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Yes you can a game boy advance conect to the computer ;)

No. It is completely impossible to connect the game boy and the game cube to the game boy advance. :P

Only Game Boy Advanced.

You cannot connect the two together, but you are able to play Game Boy games on a Game Boy Advance and the SP model. The Micro apparently doesn't support this.

You must have the Game Boy Advance Connecter Cable.

no there is no possible way to. but you can connect two game boy colors or two gamboy advances.

it should be able to with a wireless adapter

You can't! Also, it's called a NINTENDO D.S. It's not a Game Boy.

you need to have a link cable to connect them.

Purchase a link cable from your local game store and plug it into the link port.

you have to use a link cable

How to connect the Game Boy Advance to the Gamecube: 1. Connect the cables of the number of players to the Controller Socket of the Nintendo Gamecube. 2. Connect the cables to the Game Boy Advance. 3. Turn on the Nintendo Gamecube. 4. Turn on the Game Boy Advance. And there you have it! Follow these four steps in order and everything should be fine. Good Luck! - Brian

Yes. You need a Gameboy Micro Link Cable AND a Game Boy Micro Converter Cable.

Yeah if the game supports it u need a cable to link them

There is no way to connect any DS system to any Game Boy systems.

The Game Boy Advance has a wireless adapter for internet use as well as the ability to connect with the Ninteno DS, which is also capable of connecting to the internet.

You have to put the game in it and then put the action replay in the gameboy game slot.

There is no specific device that allows you to connect a Game Boy to a Nintendo 64. The closest to this is the Transfer Pak, which allows you to use Pokemon from Game Boy Pokemon games on Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2, and transfer characters from the Game Boy Mario Tennis game to the Nintendo 64 version.

No. It is made for the computer.

you need a special game boy cord and plug it in to your computer

no it's shaped different so it cannot connect. But you could get a gameboy color link cable and it will fit both systems.

no ds does not connect to GBA games

you cant as their is not a cable or wireless devise made to connect the two consoles

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