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There is alot of mis-information out there regarding student loan consolidations. Be aware of that and do your due dilligence as your situation is individual to you--type of loans you have, where you live, etc. I've spent a great deal of time studying the pros and cons of student loans and have come across some interesting sources and facts about trying to consolidate my various student loans. I wrote a report about it if your interested, see below. Warmly, Mark Free Report on Getting The Best Student Loan Consolidation

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Q: Can you consolidate your student loans if your wages are being garnished?
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Can you consolidate your DIRECT student loans if your taxes are being garnished?

Yes, as long as you have not consolidated through Direct previously.

Can you consolidate Private student loans into federal student loans?

no. you will have to consolidate separately. with a federal lender then a private lender.

How can you get help with consolidate student loans?

In order to consolidate student loans, you'll need to talk with a counselor that can supply you with the correct tools that are needed to financially consolidate.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a defaulted car loan?

bs i had student loans being garnished from my disabilty ss

Can you consolidate your defaulted student loans if your tax refund was garnished?

In the US, it depends on whether your loans are with DIRECT or FFELP. If you have FFELP loans, you are eligible to consolidate. If you have direct loans and have never consolidated before, then you are eligible. If you previously consolidated your FFELP loans, then you may be eligible to reconsolidate. If you previously consolidated your Direct loans, then you are not eligible to consolidate again. If you need help getting out of default, click on the link at the bottom of this text box.

What companies will help me consolidate my old student school loans?

I called a company that advertised in one of the medical magazines that was at the hospital. I tell all of my co-workers now to consolidate with Medical School Loans private student loans, Jennifer helped me consolidate all of my federal loans to consolidate my new loans and my old loans with Medical School Loans.

Can you consolidate your student loans?

No you can not consolidate your student loans. You must pay them and finish them thoroughly and completely. I'm sure that after your done with them it will be totally worth while.

How do I consolidate my student loans?

There are several options to consolidate your student loans. Information can be obtained from the Department of Education; you may also approach any of your own bankers.

Where do I find out about consolidating student loans?

Talk with whoever you got your student loans through. They will be able to tell you if you can consolidate your loans or not.

If you have all your student loans with 1 lender do you have to consolidate with them?

Maybe. The Dept. of Education guidelines state that you must attempt to consolidate your loans with your current lender before you are elligible to consolidate elsewhere. 95% of lenders will not consolidate student loans right now because they can't sell them on the bond market. If your lender refuses to consolidate your loans, you can get help at No.

How do you deal with delinquent student loans?

You can consolidate delinquent student loans and get an income sensitive repayment plan.

Can your private pension be garnished for a defaulted student loan?

I am a Federal Student loan expert and I have never heard of a private pension being garnished for defaulted student loans, so I would say no. If you need help getting out of default on your student loans, click on my profile, StudentLoaner, below.

Can my wife and I consolidate or refinance our student loans?

Yes you can.

Do you still have to pay for student loans when you file a bankruptcy?

Yes, student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy. You can consolidate your loans and get a smaller payment.

Can you consolidate three separate consolidated student loans at different institutions into one student loan?

depends on where the loans are from.

Would it be better to consolidate your student loans?

it is not always wise to consolidate student loans. It may be easier for you to do this if it is a considerable amount. However, if the money is not that much, just continue with it as you are currently.

Which websites give information on how to consolidate student loans? offers many resources which relate to student loans, including advice on how you can consolidate them. They provide an FAQ which covers all topics from whether or not you should consolidate to how to get it done.

How can you consolidate your student loans when your lender refuses?

When you have asked your lender to consolidate your student loans and they refuse, you can look for a company that will work as a liasion between you and a prospective new lender. Due to investors not investing in student loans the majority of lenders have stopped consolidating federal loans. Student Loan Gal at

Where can one consolidate their Federal Student Loans?

One can consolidate their Federal Student Loans from the following sources: Debt Free Direct, Consolidation Loan Centre, Student Aid, Loan Consolidation, Fin Aid.

Can you get a student loan if your current loan is being paid by garnishment?

No, if your current loans are being garnished, then you are in default. Student loan holders that are in default are not eligible to receive additional loans. If you consolidate your defaulted loans, you can get out of the garnishment and receive an income sensitive repayment option. It will allow you to pay an amount that your budget can afford. Payments can be as low as $0, depending on your income and dependants. Additionally, you are eligible for more student loans after consolidation. If you go back to school, you can still put all the loans in Deferment and not pay on them. You can get help with consolidating your defaulted loans at

How do I consolidate my federal student loans?

to consolidate all your student government loans there are many companies that do this service for you. They usually require for you to fill out an application and then your on your way. A few services that do this is

Can your wages be garnished for child support and student loans?


How will you know when your wages will be garnished for student loans?

Write and ask the student loan company.

Can you tell me how to consolidate student loans?

In order to consolidate loans you need to take out a big loan to pay for all of them. This can save you a lot of money and time.

Can student loans be garnished from wages in Florida?

(in the US) student loans are guaranteed by the government for the sole purpose of the borrower completing their education and becoming a contributing member of the community. As a general rule the loan payment itself, is free from being garnished because it is not considered income.