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No. A restraining order works BOTH ways. The restrained party cannot contact you, either directly or through someone else. And the same restriction applies to the person who sought the order. Obviously this provision is in place to prevent harassment.

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Q: Can you contact people living with someone you have a restraining order on?
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What is a stipulated restraining order?

A stipulated restraining order means: a condition or a requirement stated in the restraining order.Stipulated is agreeing or to bargain with someone. This is usually applies to people who are married.

If someone in your family has a restraining order on them can other family members still talk to their family?

A restraining order applies ONLY to those people specifically named in it.UNLESS - the barred individual is using family members to pass messages, information or threats directly to the other party. No CONTACT means no contact WHATSOEVER!

How can you contact your friend who has died?

Living people cannot contact the dead.

Can a restraining order be viewed?

Only by the people that requested it and the person/people that issued it, if someone gets to it then that is against the law and if someone catches them then they will be caught and sent to prison.

How can you tell if a guy is a stalker?

A guy is a stalker if he follows people, has obsessions with people, has a restraining order. If you have a feeling someone is a stalker, keep away!

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Can you file a restraining order against your unborn fetus?

No, only born people can get restraining orders.

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Generally, for someone to have you on their contact list, they have to send you a contact request, which you would then have to approve. So the only people that have you on their contact list are people whose contact requests you have approved.

What is a dov restraining order?

I think you mean a DV restraining order: It is a domestic violence restraining order. It is a court order that can help protect people from abuse.

Who did Christopher Columbus make contact with?

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Does someone have to actually break the law to get a restraining order on them?

No The restraining order can be placed when there is threat or perceived threat of violence, harassment or stalking. The court will hear an application when any of the above concern you about your safety. These are just some of the reasons people seek a restraining order, check with your local PD for more advice.

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can someone aswer this question please?

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Can you put a restraining order on three people when neither of them have to do with you?

yes if they brake the law