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Yes. You only need to show "Insurable Interest" when the policy is taken out. For more info see

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Q: Can you continue a life insurance policy on your ex-husband if the policy was started early in the marriage and you are the owner pay the premiums?
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Is insurance premiums for fire insurance an example of variable cost?

is insurance premiums for fire insurance an example of variable cost?

Is there any life insurance that has single digit premiums?

Life insurance premiums vary by policy. There are few that offer single digit premiums.

What rights do an employee have if their company deducted insurance premiums from their pay but failed to pay the insurance premiums to the insurance company and the insurance was canceled?

Seek an Attorney.

Can a nursing home owner seek reimbursement from medicare for insurance premiums paid for laibility insurance?

No, Medicare does not reimburse liability insurance premiums.

Can you deduct group insurance premiums on taxes?

Depends on how you paid the premiums. If you paid the premiums on a pretax basis, then you cannot declare the premiums. Many COBRA payments, retiree insurance payments and so on can be deducted.

Is an employer required to continue paying health insurance benefits if an employee is short term disabled in New York?

No. They are required to continue to offer coverage, but they are not required to continue paying for it. You would be responsible for the full premiums.

Where can I find information on life insurance premiums?

You can find information of life insurance premiums, and what their purposes are by asking your current insurance company provider for information on it.

Do Mortgage insurance premiums payments have be escrowed by the lender?

Yes, Mortgage Insurance Premiums Payments do have to be es-crowed by the lender.

How do the premiums for The Hartford insurance compare to premiums for other providers?

Buying insurance can be a stressful activity. Comparing premiums is a great start to finding what is the righ company for you. The Hartford has much higher premiums compared to both State Farm and AAA. This is based on car insurance figures.

Can you deduct your life insurance premiums?


What is paid to the insurance company?


What are the premiums for variable universal life insurance?

The premiums will vary depending on your age and other factors. I would speak with an insurance professional.

What is meant by medical insurance billing?

Child plans are a combination of two things, insurance and investments. These plans insure the life of the parent with most of them having inbuilt waiver of premium benefit which means, that after death of the life assured, the premiums will not be payable anymore but the benefits of the plan will continue as premiums are paid regularly. : Compare Child Insurance :

Universal life insurance premiums tax deductible?

NO. Life insurance premiums would NOT be deductible on your 1040 federal income tax return.

Do fixed car insurance premiums ever increase?

If you were involved in an accident that was your fault, regardless of the terms of your insurance, your premiums will go up. You insurance agent can give you more details.

What is insurance primium calculator?

Insurance premium calculator allows you to calculate how much insurance premiums you'll be paying when you take up a policy. It provide the benefit for the customer to calculate insurance premiums online.

Why does the insurance company get paid back the money Isn't that why we pay our premiums?

You pay premiums because insurance companies are a business and they are there to make a profit. Also, the premiums you pay go into a pool of money so the insurance company can pay out claims when necessary.

Do you still have health insurance coverage when unemployed?

Assuming you had health insurance when you were employed, you may continue that insurance through the COBRA program by paying the applicable premium. Those premiums will be much larger than the ones you were paying while you were employed.

Is buy sell agreement disability income insurance premiums tax deductible?

No. Also, it is probably not a good idea to try and deduct the premiums for diability or life insurance because if you deduct the premiums or if the employer pays the premiums then any benefits are then taxable. You certainly would not want to have to pay income tax on a large life insurance benefit just because you wanted to deduct a few hundred dollars of insurance premiums.

Can you deduct life insurance premiums on taxes?


What is Medical Insurance Premiums?

The price one would pay for Health Insurance.

What is it called when a insurance policy is paid up?

"Paid up" is actually the terminology used in the insurance industry when describing a policy that no longer requires any premiums. When a policy is "paid up", there are no further premiums required for the policy to continue on for what should be lifetime. This can only occur with permanent forms of Life insurance such as Whole Life, Universal Life and Variable Universal Life.

Can you claim your Hospital insurance premiums as a deducton on your income tax if your payroll says it is nontaxable wages?

If the premiums are nontaxable income to you then you would NOT be allowed to take a deduction for the amount of the premiums that your employer has paid for your medical insurance premium's.

Are taxes taken out of life insurance?

Personal life insurance proceeds are generally paid out free of income taxes as long as the premiums were paid with after-tax dollars. But if a business paid the premiums and deducted the premiums as an operating expense, then the life insurance proceeds would be taxable to the beneficiary.

What are the insurance premiums for Northwest Allen County School Employees?

The insurance premiums for Northwest Allen County School Employees have full premium insurance. The Northwest Allen County School Employees also carry health insurance.