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if your car needs major work done to it don't spend a fortune fixing it but usually you can drive the car "into the ground" meaning until it dies with normal maintance like oil changes and that stuff with the lifters being bad. what you should do when you hear the noise from the lifters starting take your foot off the gas for a minute and then slowly give it more gas.

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2005-10-14 01:29:26
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Q: Can you continue to drive with noisy valve lifters?
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What causes noisy hydraulic valve lifters?

There could be several reasons why you have a noisy hydraulic valve lifter. One reason could be worn our parts in the entire valve train. A loose rocker arm could also cause noise.

Valve adjusment on 2.4 Mitsubishi 1989?

There is no valve adjustment on the 2.4 litre 4G64 engine as it has hydraulic lifters fitted, if they are noisy then there are oil additives to clean them or they may need replacing.

How do you fix noisy lifters on a 1996 jeep grand Cherokee?

remove intake and valve covers, loosen rocker arms, remove push rods, and take the lifters out, replace lifters and put everything back to torque spec. Book time is about 3 hours.

How do you adjust the hydrolic lifters in your 95 ef 4.0l falcon?

There is no adjustment for hydraulic valve lifters. Lifters can be noisy on some of these models. After ascertaining there is no mechanical damage/broken parts, change engine oil and add 1/2 bottle of STP Oil Treatment (or more if necessary) until lifters are quieter.

Do a 1991 Honda Accord have lifters on it?

valve lifters? it sho do

How do you replace the valve lifters on a cavalier?

To replace the valve lifters on a Cavalier, remove the intake manifold, valve covers and rocker arms. Remove the heads of the lifters using needle-nose pliers.

How many valve lifters does a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager have?

there are 2 lifters for every cylinder, one for intake valve and one for exhaust valve.

How do you replace valve lifters on a Pontiac Grand Am?

how to replace lifters on a 03 grand am

How do you clean valve lifters?

The most effective way to clean valve lifters is to disassembled the vehicle's top end and remove the lifters. They can then be cleaned with a mild solvent, lubricated, and re-installed.

How do you change lifters in a '91 Chevy Cavalier?

If we are talking about valve lifters, remove cylinder head and pushrods and lifters will be excessable.

What is the function of a valve lifter?

The purpse of valve lifters is exactly what it says, to lift the valve.

Do 1971 VW Beetle engines have solid valve lifters?

All 1971 VW Beetle engines were manufactured with solid valve lifters.

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