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Can you convert a 120V outdoor outlet to 240V to run a hot tub?


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2015-07-15 18:38:23
2015-07-15 18:38:23

no you must run a dedicated line


Yes, with a caveat. The current ratings must be the same, the the 110V outlet must be a dedicated circuit, i.e. nothing else on that breaker. You can safely upgrade a dedicated 110V 15A circuit to a 220V 15A circuit by re-using the same wiring. You will have to just replace the breaker and the outlet. You cannot, however, increase the current load or have a 110/220V (4-prong) outlet. Note that if you move a non-dedicated circuit up to 220 you will start a fire.

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You cannot use 2-120v outlets to power a 240v dryer. You can convert a 240v dryer outlet to power 2-120v outlets if they are supplied with a neutral. This requires a competent electrician. Do not do this yourself.

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If you need to ask, you should have someone who knows how do it....

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If the 220V circuit is dedicated, is to derate the circuit to a dedicated 110V outlet. Replace the 220V breaker with a 110V breaker and install a 110V outlet in place of the 220V outlet. If the original circuit was 20A or greater go with a 20A breaker and a 20A outlet as Airconditioners are fairly large loads. Do not exceed the current rating of the old circuit as that is all the current the existing wiring can handle.

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