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It is possible....but extremely frustrating and expensive without a donor vehicle. GET A DONOR VEHICLE !!!!! You will be money and time ahead.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-06 19:31:54
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Q: Can you convert a 1996 2wd Ford Ranger to 4wd How can you if possible?
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Is it possible to convert the body of a 2000 Ford Ranger into an edge?

If you have a long bed ranger then the answer is no. The edge was a short bed step side.

Why won't a 1996 Ford Ranger 4.0L start with a new solenoid?

where is the fusible link on a 1996 ford ranger xlt

Which fuse for cigarette lighter Ford Ranger 1996?

( # 17 ) is a 15 amp fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 1996 Ford Ranger

Where is the shift solenoid located on a 1996 Ford Ranger 4.0?

where is the shift solenoid on a 1996 ford ranger 4x4 with a 4.0 v6

How do you replace the speedometer cable on a 1996 ford ranger?

1996 ranger does not have speedo cable it is electronic

Will a thermostat for a 1996 Ford Ranger fit in a 1993 Ford Ranger?

yes if the motors are the same.

Does a 1996 Ford Ranger have a passenger side airbag?

A 1996 Ford Ranger could be equipped with a passenger side airbag ( SRS ) * so maybe yes and maybe no * All the 1996 Ford Ranger models have a drivers side airbag

1996 Ford Ranger have a DPFE SENSOR?

YES - lists a DPFE sensor for all available engines on a 1996 Ford Ranger

Will a 1996 Ford Ranger transmission fit on a 1989 Ford Ranger?

what does a fuel pump look like in a 1989 ford ranger 4 cyl.

Will 1996 Ford explorer fit a 1996 Ford ranger?

What part? Not many parts are interchangeable.

Does 1996 Ford Ranger have a side airbag?


Is a 1996 ford contour transmission the same as a 1996 ford ranger?

No. The Contour is a front-wheel drive car, and the Ranger is rear wheel drive.

Will a manual transmission from a 1991 2.9 liter Ford Ranger fit on a 1996 3.0 liter Ford Ranger?


Does the ford ranger 1996 2.3 engine have fuel injection?

( Yes ) the 2.3 liter four cylinder engine in a 1996 Ford Ranger is fuel injected

Does a 1994 Ford Ranger timing belt fit a 1996 Ford Ranger?

Gates ( they make timing belts etc . ) shows different part numbers for the 1994 and 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter timing belts - so no

What freon is in a 1996 Ford Ranger?


What kind of oil goes in your 1996 XL ranger?

5W-30 oil is used in the engines of a 1996 Ford Ranger

How do you change a fuel filter on 1996 Ford Ranger supercab?

where is the fuel filter located on 96 ford ranger supercab

Where is the EGR valve located on a 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3?

egr valve location on a 1997 ford ranger 23l

What oil weight does a 1996 Ford Ranger xlt use?

10/30 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to the 1996 Ford Ranger owners manual ( 5 W 30 is the PREFERRED oil )

Oil drain plug torque for 1996 Ford Ranger?

10 Lb-Ft or 14 Nm. Source: 1996 Aerostar, Ranger, Explorer Workshop Manual from Ford

How big is a 1996 Ranger fuel tank?

For a 1996 Ford Ranger : The ( SuperCab ) holds ( 75.7 litres / 20.0 U.S. gallons )

How do you replace the rad hoses on a 1996 Ford Ranger?

How do I remove air from the cooling system of a 95 ford ranger 4 cyl

Where is bank 1 on a 4.0 v6 1996 Ford Ranger?

Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine in your Ford Ranger V6

How much does a 1996 Ford Ranger weigh?

A '96 ranger weighs around 3,245 pounds