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A 240 volt breaker can be removed and replaced with 2 - 120 volt breakers.

The existing 240 volt breaker should not be used to supply 2 separate circuits.

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Q: Can you convert a 240V circuit on your service panel to two 120V circuits?
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What are the names of different subcircuits of domestic wiring?

In electrical trade terminology, the use of the word "sub", as in sub panel, refers to an auxiliary distribution panel that is fed from the main distribution panel.The circuits from a sub panel can be named the same as the circuits from the main distribution panel. A circuit name is usually named after the device that the circuit connects to.For example, range circuit, hot water tank circuit, lighting circuit, and so on.

When is labaling a panel not required when installing a new circuit?

You should always label the circuits in the panel you just installed.

The points where circuits interconnect with other circuits is known as what?

The point where wires interconnect with other wires is known as a "junction". In your panel the circuit breakers are connected to the buss, each circuit breaker feeds a different circuit. Different circuits are not connected together.

When is labeling a panel required when installing a new circuit?

You should always label the circuits.

Can you use a GFCI on an unswitched circuit line red that uses the same neutral white for a switched circuit coming from the other phase line black in a 240v breaker panel?

Yes. You are allowed to use a neutral for one circuit from each phase of your service. For example, in a residential service, you can use the same neutral for circuits 1 and 3. In a commercial (3 phase) service, you can use a neutral for circuits 1, 3, and 5. You will experience problems if you use a neutral for two 'black' circuits or two 'red' circuits, if the circuits originate from the same phase bus bar. Also, AFCI's are sensitive to sharing neutrals, but GFCI's are not.

What is electrical panel and PLC panel?

Electrical panel consist of hardwired circuits, a plc is a panel that uses logic like a computer and it's progrmamable to have a circuit switch on or off

What is a branch circuit?

Each of the circuit breakers in the service panel controls electricity on a branch circuit. A branch circuit is typically a loop of wire that runs from the service panel, out to receptacles, light fixtures, appliances, etc. and back again.

Is a circuit breaker better than a glass fuse?

Each device has its own special use. Glass fuses can protect circuit at very low amperages. They are usually used to protect printed circuit boards and control panel circuits. Breakers protect circuits from short circuits and overloads. These devices are used in service distribution panels to protect the wires that feed the loads. Circuit breakers can be from 15 amps up into the thousands of amps.

What is installing a circuit breaker?

It is inserting a breaker into a service panel.

How does electricity get distributed in the household?

Electricity get distributed in the household through electrical circuits. The circuits distribute voltage to receptacles, light and hard wired appliances. These circuits are fed from breakers that are in the distribution panel. The distribution panel is where the utility company's service supply terminates. The distribution panel is the central location where the household circuits originate.

What circuit takes electricity in and around your home?

Most houses have several circuits each with its own circuit breaker so that the power to the whole house will not all go off at the same time. Each circuit consists of a three-wire cable, live/neutral and earth. Some countries also use split-phase circuits with four wires.

Where to find a circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers can be found in any circuit breaker panel. New circuit breakers can be bought at any shop that sells parts for installing or repairing electrical wiring circuits.

How do you add a circuit when panel is full?

That depends on the manufacturer of the breaker panel. Some manufacturers sell dual breakers that can be plugged in where one of your single breakers are now. You can also do an audit of current panel, ideally by a qualified electrician. You may have unused or underused circuits. For example if you had two 15A circuits that had a maximum aggregate usage of 5A, you could splice those circuits external to the main panel in a junction box (and wire to one breaker) and use the leftover breaker for your new circuit. In any solution you need to ensure that your panel service is compatible with the loads in your house. In some cases you may need to increase the size of your panel. Consult an electrician and ask for a free estimate.

How many circuits can you have off a 200 amp service?

As many as you wish, as long as you do cross 200 amp limit

The chief purpose of a service panel in a house is to?

To provide automatic circuit protection.

How much does it cost to move an electricity meter?

The meter is typically installed in the main circuit panel of the house. If you want to move it, you can do it as part of a service / panel upgrade. We did this when we moved into our new house - we replaced the 1950s vintage main circuit panel and 100A service with a newer 200A panel and service. It was about a grand, but we didn't actually move the panel from where it was, so it may cost more for what you want.

How many circuits can you put in a 200 amp panel?

In the United States, a lighting panel, which is any panel that contains branch circuits for lighting and usually receptacles, is limited to 42 circuits. Your panel must be rated for the number of circuits you use. There are a lot of panels that hold nowhere near 42 circuits; some hold only a handful.

I am building a woodworking shop in my basement and would like to install a second service panel. I currently have 200 amp service with only one open circuit breaker in this panel.?

You will need two available spaces in your existing 200 amp service in order to add a second panel. You may be able to free up an additional space by simply relocating an existing circuit in your 200 amp panel to your new second panel. You should be able to find a few good options especially if you have unfinished basement space or equipment, gas furnace, basement lighting, etc. Try to relocate the smallest available circuit to conserve the available power of your new panel for the equipment you want to add to your wood shop. You may also explore the options of changing existing breakers in your 200 amp main panel to "half-size" breakers. Caution must be used if this is done. Only use breakers specifically listed and accepted for use in your panel and do not change multiwire circuits, i.e. 3 or 4 wire circuits "sharing" a neutral conductor.

Why do you convert 120v circuits to 220v circuits?

You would need to change a circuits voltage if your adding a load that requires 220 when the present circuit supplies 120. If you need to do so it's pretty simple! First purchase a double pole breaker at the proper amp rating. Next find the breaker in the panel that supplies power to the circuit you wish to change to 220. Turn off the breaker and pull it out. Find the neutral for that circuit. Then double check and make sure it's the right neutral. Then check one more time. Now take the neutral and the hot wire for that circuit and connect them to the double pole breaker. install the breaker into the panel and turn it on. If you connected the right neutral you'll have 220 on that circuit. If you didn't you'll know because you'll trip the breaker.

Why do you have only 110 volts from a 220 outlet?

One of the wires has come loose at the outlet or in the service panel, or if your service panel has fuses one of the fuses on the 220 volt circuit may be blown.

How are branch circuits protected?

Branch circuits are protected by the circuit breaker found in the electrical panel. Each circuit should have its one breaker. The breaker should be rated to protect the insulation of the wire, so you can determine the breaker size based on the circuit conductor size Example #14-2 should be protected by a 15 amp breaker

A 60 amp electrical service panel at a 2800 square foot house would be?

A 60 amp panel for this size of a home would be undersized. Most homes today are wired for the main service distribution to have a 200 amp 42 circuit panel. With this size square foot area there would probably be a sub panel fed from the main distribution panel. The sub panel would be in the range of a 100 amp 20 circuit panel.

Why is an electrical grounding system needed?

The grounding system in electrical circuits is used to create a low impedance return feed back to the distribution supply service. It is this low impedance return that carries the fault current back to the distribution service that trips the breaker or blows the fuse that is protecting the circuit. Without the ground wire the fault would have to travel on the neutral conductor of the circuit and that wire, at times, is not the shortest path back to the distribution service panel.

What is the minium size branch circuit for a fire alarm system?

Are you referring to the circuit supplying power to the control panel or the initiation/notification branch circuits controlled by the fire alarm system? The ampacity of the fire alarm control panel would determine the circuit size of the branch circuit supplying power to the control panel and the terminal on the control panel and fire alarm device would detrmine the size of conductor that it will accept. Most fire alarm control panels would require a minimum 15 amp circuit. The minimum conductor size allowed per the NEC would be 14 AWG. 22 AWG. is the smallest conductor that most control panels and device terminals will accept. These are considered Power Limited circuits.

What is ACDB panel?

ACDB stands for alternating current distribution board. A distribution board or panel is part of an electricity supply system. The panel splits the power up into circuits. At the same time, it uses fuses or circuit breakers to provide protection from electrical overload.