Can you convert an above ground 24' round pool into an oval above ground pool?

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Answer is noYou can remove a round one and install an oval after, of course, you make necessary adjustments to the ground--making the ground level in an oval instead of a circle. The only things you might be able to re-use from the round pool are the pump/filter, ladder, skimmer and return fittings, and your cleaning equipment. Round pools are built quite differently and are not meant to turned into ovals. Theyndon't have the supports required, whether that be braces or straps. So, basically the answer is 'no'.
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How do you measure your pool to know what size liner you need for an above ground oval pool?

It all depends on what shape the pool is. Rectangle : L X W X Height Free-form pools like kidneys etc, need a lot more detailing. L plus W plus H The way you would do this is by measuring from the inside on the wall, to the opposite side, inside on the wall. Do this in both direction on ( Full Answer )

How do you install a vinyl liner on an above-ground 24' round pool?

Welcome to my world, we have been struggling with a 24ft above ground that was never put in level. The easiet way we found was to buy a new liner, cost us $300, but it came out of the package really neatly, and there were no other holes in it ie strainer. WE I mean four of us, worked at getting the ( Full Answer )

Can you relocate an above ground pool?

Answer . \nyes,but u will have to replace the liner, because it will shrink the trick to that is u will not not is shrinking until u start water back into the pool in its new loaction and then the wall will start to pull and the walls to fall in

How do you determine the volume of your round above ground pool?

Answer . \nMeasure the diameter, that is the distance from one side directly to the other side as you cross the center. Take that distance and divide it by two to get the radius. Then measure the height of the pool, i.e. how far it measures from top to bottom along the side. Apply the formula pie ( Full Answer )

How do you backwash an above-ground pool?

Answer . Technically, you don't backwash the pool, you backwash the filter. This is assuming you have a sand or DE filter. The filter valve should have a backwash setting. Turn off the pump, set the filter to backwash, and turn on the pump unitl the water runs reasonably clear.

How do you drain an above-ground pool?

You can quickly drain down to the return jet by unhooking the hosefrom the filter. After that I just throw one end of a hose in thepool and suck on the other end out of the pool to start the flow.No, you don't want to suck on the end of a hose that you've putinto the pool, it's near impossible, unle ( Full Answer )

How many gallons of water are in a 24 ft round above ground pool?

Answer . That would depend on to what depth you filled the pool. When you figure that one out, I am certain you can calculate the number of gallons required.\nDes Perado. Answer . \nWe were told our 54"deep 24' round pool would hold 13,000 gallons of water. Ours was dug out to 6' in the cen ( Full Answer )

How do you assemble an above ground pool?

Answer . Most places will install it for you, but the price ranges depending on season and dealer.. The seller will usually provide instructions and sometimes even a video. Online dealers often have a link to assembly/installation instructions. Follow this link to see a sample PDF of instruction ( Full Answer )

How do you install an above ground pool?

To install an above ground pool you will have to level the groundwhere the pool will be placed. You should then add a layer of sand.You should lay out the bottom rails and connect them as shown inthe directions next. Install the walls, uprights, and wall bars.The liner will be installed last.

How do you sink an above ground pool?

I have recently spoken to a guy who did just that and the job that lasted him for 20 years and then he only had to replace the liner the pool frame was still in good order. he used a powder coated zincalume above ground pool. Basically you dig a hole just big enough for the pool. if the ground is ( Full Answer )

How do you vacuum an above ground pool?

Before vacuuming an above ground pool you should make certain the water level is mid-way up the skimmer mouth (opening). To manually vacuum an above ground pool, typically you: . Insert the vacuum head onto the end of a telescopic pole. . Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head . Re ( Full Answer )

How do you clean an above ground pool?

With a filter, vacuum, skimmer net, brush and water sanitizer like chlorine to get the exact details have a talk with your local pool shop.

Can an above ground pool be repainted?

I think you may mean How do you replace the above ground pool liner? Avoce ground pools usually have a vinyl liner. You do not paint them.

How do you cover an above ground pool?

Because your question is very general, so will then be the answer. If you would like more specifics, then please ask a more specific question. You basically need to protect the pool from freeze damage. Start by cleaning the pool of all large debris, Lower the water level of the pool. install a plug ( Full Answer )

How do I ground a 24 ft above ground pool?

Answer . The equipment - pump etc - should have a ground connector with the wiring if it is the plug in type. If the equp. is to be hardwired then a separate green wire should be pulled into the conduit from the source to the pump etc. In addition to that all the equipment should be bonded elect ( Full Answer )

Which above ground pool is the best?

I have had an OVATION brand pool up for 10 years now and see no signs of aging. The walls aren't rotting and its galvanized steel. As long as you buy a galvanized steel wall pool it will last years....many brands out there.

What is above ground pool?

This is a swimming pool that is not dug in the ground. It is a portable pool with a liner or a one piece pool that stands on top of the ground.

Can an above ground pool be repo'd?

Pretty much anything you pledge as security for a loan can be taken if you fail to pay as agreed. That's the point. Or, if a creditor gets approval from a court saying they can take some specific item (normally because you failed to pay a judgment or such), that is pretty much the same. You would no ( Full Answer )

Empty above ground pool?

This is a statement and not a question. Write a question about what you want to know.

How deep can an above ground pool be?

The deepest above ground pool in the world has been recorded tohaving depth levels of 5 m (16 ft.) and 10 m (32 ft.), a largecircular pit descending to a depth of 33 m (108 ft.). It is filledwith 2,500,000 liters of water and contains several simulatedunderwater caves at 10 m depth levels.

How do you vacuum above ground pool?

Buy a vacuum head, not one with wheels, one meant for a vinyl liner. Buy the hose. Attach the hose to the vacuum head and place in the water. Fill the hose with water by placing the other end of the hose in front of the return jet in the pool. Attach the hose to the hole in the skimmer. If the pool ( Full Answer )

Leveling an above ground pool?

To level for an above ground pool simply take a full bucket of water and put a plastic tube in it that will reach every part of the area where you intend to put the pool. When the tube is full of water (NO AIR BUBBLES) You will find that the level at the end of the tube is always the same, so if you ( Full Answer )

How do you refill an above ground pool?

Stick a hose in it and turn the tap on. Keep an eye on it as it fills so you can pull any creases out of the liner before there is too much water pressure on it.

Closing an above ground pool?

I have cleaned and added my winter chemicals and am in the process of draining below the skimmer but my water looks a little cloudy is that normal ?

What are the advantages of above ground pools?

They are cheaper, less money to maintain, transportable, and convenient, especially if you need to change out the water for whatever reason (ie, a kid has an accident).

How can you get mud out of an above ground pool?

If the water is cloudy with mud. go to the pool shop and get some floculent .stop the pools filtration equipment. add the floculent according to the instruction's Let the pool stand still for 2 days. you will note that the water has cleared up aside from a layer at the bottom. gently vacuum this mat ( Full Answer )

Does Above ground pool fenced?

Where pool fencing laws apply both in-ground and above ground pools are expected to be fenced.

How do you care for an above ground pool?

Your local pool supply company can be of great help. Bioguard (as well as other product companies) has a three step maintance program for chlorine pools. Lookup their website and read about it. It's quite simple and it works.

What is the cost of a above ground pool?

The cost of an above ground pool is relative to what you want IN a pool and what you want with the pool...............Accessories.

What are sizes of above ground pools?

Standard metal wall above ground pools have a wall height of 42", 52" and 54". They are available in the following round dimensions 15', 18', 21', 24', 28' and 33'. Above ground pools are also available in the oval sizes of 12'x24', 15'x25', 15'x30', 18'x33' and 18'x40'.

How do you get wrinkles out of a above ground pool?

This is a really hard thing to do, especially if it is full of water.. The best way is to monitor it as it is filling and pull/tighten the liner as it fills up. Keep the edges tight but not secure and let the weight of the water pull it down into the contours.. You should always keep the edge reta ( Full Answer )

Above ground pools how to clean?

When you bought your pool it may have come with a vacuum if not any pool store (or Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart) will have them you will need to know what size pool (for lenght of hose) and what size plumbing (normally 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch) for hose and vacuum size you will also need a universal handl ( Full Answer )

Do you have to keep water in an above ground pool year round?

No , above ground pools are different in that you can drain them ,the reason you cannot drain an in ground pool is because the poolis built to have water pressure , and it is very stressful on thewalls , I hope this answered your question :) .

What are the advantages of an above ground pool?

The list of advantages are endless! First, and foremost, the price. Above ground pools are much more affordable at a fraction of the price then ingrounds. They are much cheaper because no digging is involved just a little ground preperation. Second, they offer a bit more safety because they are more ( Full Answer )

Green in an above ground pool?

Algae, time for chlorine. Pool supply places have a test kit (ph) & can tell you how to use & what to add-chlorine or acid.

Prepare for an above ground pool?

Make sure you have a smooth area set before you start putting up the pool.Make sure when you are putting your pool up you do not have any thing missing that would cause you to re-pair the pool.For this could cause a time delay in when you wanted to go swimming.After building the pool get a garden ho ( Full Answer )

How do you vacuume an above ground pool?

Before vacuuming an above ground pool you should make certain the water level is mid-way up the skimmer mouth (opening). To manually vacuum an above ground pool, typically you: . Insert the vacuum head onto the end of a telescopic pole. . Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head . Re ( Full Answer )

Do snakes get in above ground pools?

it all depends on how high the pool is. if its more than 3 feet im pretty sure they cant. unless its a rough surface on the outside.

Can above ground pools have saltwater?

There are above ground pool salt water systems available. These systems turn salt into chlorine. All you have to do is add a piece of equipment to your pool. Which product you buy depends on your pool. Your pool will look, feel, and smell much better. You will also spend less time maintaining your p ( Full Answer )

How do you maintain a pool which is above the ground?

Pools which are above the ground need to be maintained quite differently from the ones below the ground. Checking for cracks and leaks is much easier in an above the ground pool. It is good to keep the pool filled at all times and not keep it empty. Regular painting and checks need to be done for it ( Full Answer )