Can you convert from Islam to Hinduism?

As per Islamic law, you have free will and full choice to select the belief that you are convinced in. No Muslim is forced to remain Muslim if he/she selects to convert from Islam to another religion or to no religion. Islam assures your free will to have the beliefs that you are convinced in.

Quran says (English meaning translation):
"There is no compulsion in religion..."(Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 256)

The word Hinduism is extracted from the river Indus (Hindu in Sanskrit). Hinduism is the name of a civilization, not a religion.
Hence, Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is not a Religion per se, but 'A way of life'. People can simply lead this 'way of life' to follow Hinduism and pray to God.

Point to note before converting to Hinduism:
  • Hinduism does not have concept of judgment day followed by eternal hell/heaven. But it has Karma - so you get what you do here on Earth only; if not in this birth in next birth.
  • Some people associate Idol worshiping with Hinduism. Idol use is not necessary and it is up to a person how they want to relate to God - there is a personal relationship between a human being and God. To be Hindu, You can do Yoga or do unselfish work or be devoted to God.
  • Finding God in everyone is Hinduism.
  • There are many schools in Hinduism and they all are valid. Depending on what makes sense to you - you can choose any school of thought. You may not belong to any one school or you can belong to multiple schools. It is fine.
  • You can be non-vegetarian and still be Hindu. But beef should be avoided.
  • Please understand Gayatri Mantra.
  • Hinduism accepts all religions.

Also, if you do not want any legal documents supporting your conversion, you can simply lead a Hinduism's way of life even being a Muslim.