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Can you cook on the moon?

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2012-07-28 22:21:44

You can. Something can be "hot" in a vacuum. For example: a

sealed thermometer in space will read hot if it was facing the sun,

but very cold if it was in full shadow (assuming it didn't explode

from the absence of pressure holding it together.) So yes, as long

as the heat source did not require naturally occurring oxygen for

combustion as the moon doesn't have any - or an atmosphere - and

heat transfer was carried out via direct contact with a heating

device. For example: An electric element would function the same on

the moon as it does on Earth - meaning it would radiate heat and be

hot to the touch.a microwave oven would also work fine on the Moon.

Of course the same liquid fuels that propel a rocket into space

would work on the moon - to replace the (Earth based camping "gas"

stove) with a liquid oxygen and hydrogen "burner". Of course the

electric element would be a tad safer to operate.

Remember that the surface of the moon during "daylight" is

approximately 107 degrees centigrade. So given that day

temperature, and a radiant heat source, cooking something on the

moon is certainly possible. If you were on the dark side of the

moon, then the same principle would apply - fueled or radiant heat

source, transfer through contact etc. However on the dark side the

temperature falls to below 150 degrees centigrade. So you would

need a very strong heat source to overcome that degree of cold. Not

to mention that whatever you were cooking (for example: an egg)

would freeze on the top while being heated on the bottom. Or,

assuming heating was taking place top and bottom, it would freeze

as soon as it was removed from the heat source. So possible?

Absolutely. Even remotely practical? Nah...

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