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No because PS2 uses DVD for games. PS1 uses CD, Xbox uses DVD 4Gb, Xbox 360 uses DVD 9Gb, PS3 uses Blu-Ray 25Gb and Wii uses 2Gb Nintendo Optical Disc.

To copy PS2 games you need DVD

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Q: Can you copy ps2 games to a CD?
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Which CD used to copy PS2 games?

PS2 games are on DVD and are not legal to copy

How to copy PS2 game from PS2 disc to a bank CD and what type of blank CD?

PS2 games are on DVDs and software protects some of the information

How can I gey my PS2 to play my games that Ive had to copy to a new CD due to them becoming old and worn?

PS2 games were on DVDs

When you copy your ps2 game to a blank CD can you still use the origianal CD if it was not damaged in the first place?

PS2 games are on DVDs on CDs, The Original Game DVD remains workable if there are no changes to it.

Can you play with PC games CD on PS2?

no the PS2 is designed for PS2 games and does not play PC games

How do you copy a ps2 game to CD?

The majority of PS2 games are on DVD. There are a few on CD and a few that are on Dual Layer DVD but the majority are just on regular DVD's. Not to mention even if you make a copy of the game you will have to make an alteration to it so it reads the disk.

Can you format iso file to ps2 games?

No! You must burn it into CD then put the CD into your PS2.

Can you download games to a CD for ps2?


Can you play PS2 games copy with out modding PS2?

Yeah you can.

Can you play PC CD-rom software games on the ps2?

No you can not, the PS2 does not play computer games

How you can play ps2 games on CD drive?

You can not even read the game discs that are DVD for the PS2

How the play mp3 music flies on the ps2?

If you have blank disc which you can purchase from most electrical stores, then copy mp3 music files on blac CD then insert CD into ps2 and that's it

What is the name of emulator for ps2 CD games to PC?


Can you copy games from CD to your psp 3003?

no you can not.

Can you play ps2 games on a 1?

No, a PS2 uses DVD technology and a PS1 CD technology. Same as trying to play a DVD in a CD player.

Can you play copy ps1 games on an unchipped ps2?

No Burnt games do not work

How do you copy PS2 games?

I am pretty sure copying them is illegal.

Can PS2 CD can be used in PS3?

What you really are asking is whether the PS2 game CD will work in the PS3. The only PS3 models that play PS2 games are those with 4 USB ports, Newer PS3 models with only 2 USB ports will not play PS2 games.

How do you download PC games to a CD?

If you want to copy a disk, you need a blank CD, the original CD, a programme (Nero startsmart,roxio etc.)to copy. insert a blank CD. go on Nero. go to copy CD. insert original CD. it will copy it.then insert the blank CD back and the data will be in the blank CD.

Can you play PS2 games with CD rom no DVD rom?

In order to use a computer to play PS2 games it would need a DVD drive for the PS2 discs and a emulator program with PS2 bios

Can you download a PS2 game and copy it to a disk and play it on your PS2?

yes, you can. but your ps2 system has to be modified for you to be able to play burnt games on it.

How can you copy a CD that is not a copy?

To copy a CD that is not a copy you can get a RW CD. This is a CD that can have things copied onto it.

How do you put ps1 cds on PS2?

The same way you put PS2 games in by using legal PS2 or PS1 games for your region and not some foreign or downloaded game burnt to a CD

Can you put a CD in a ps2?

Yes a PS2 can play a Music CD

Can you play PS2 games on CD-rom through PS1 emulator?