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Can you cover a child's discolored teeth?

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Yes, discolored teeth can be covered. You can take him to the dentist as they will better help you to make there teeth look more whiten and it does not make any side effects to them. Also you can get consultation from the best dentists who are always there to help there patient and if it is needed than they will treat it. You can also look for Tallahassee Dentist which will help you with any oral and dental health issues that you are facing.

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Why do teeth get discolored?

Teeth get discolored from the food that you eat and the things that you drink. Almost everything you eat or drink is a color and over time that can stain your teeth, this is why brushing is so important.

How many teeth in a childs mouth?

There is 26 teeth in a 11 year old mouth.

Why do rodents have discolored teeth?

Iron is obtained from food that is eaten and as the animal grows older, the discoloration settles in the teeth.

What are the main reasons teeth get discolored and what is the best fix for this?

the germs turn the teeth yellow and the best treatment is to clean them.

Why is flouride bad for your teeth?

An excessive amount of Fluoride is bad for your teeth. Flouride can cause your teeth to become discolored, crumble, white spots, and the mottling of the enamel

What causes discolored teeth?

smoking, not brushing, coffee, food, not flossing, main stuff

Do plastic teeth stain the same as reall teeth?

No, few Day later plastic teeth have been discolored & broken plastic teeth with bite hard food. casual use risk.

Dental schools in Central Florida offering free services?

I have broken teeth and several cavities, plus my teeth are badly discolored not matching my caps which are my top front teeth.

Are you able to drink coffee when wearing braces on your teeth?

Of course you can. Braces have nothing to do with the "color/brightness" of your teeth. Braces are used to straighten teeth. If it is, in your finding, that drinking coffee has discolored your teeth, then he or she (your dentist) can apply a "whitener" to your teeth, regardless of braces. Regards

Brushing your teeth is important?

yes it is, if you dont brush, your teeth becomes yellow and discolored and your teeth will begin to rot. my mom always told me that unless i want to have teeth, i better brush up. so yesss brushing is very important.

What do parents do as part of their childs bedtime routine?

Read, tuck them in, say goodnight, kiss them, brush teeth

When did Childs Frick die?

Childs Frick died in 1965.

Does medicaid cover wisdom teeth in Wisconsin?

It does in ny it should cover it in Wisconsin

Is the coffee diet safe on a weekly basis?

I can't imagine it would be very healthy, but it seems to be accepted. Side effects of this coffee diet may be increased heart rate, dehydration and brown teeth. BRUSH YOUR TEETH A LOT to avoid stale breath and discolored teeth.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover wisdom teeth extractions in Pennsylvania?

does blue cross blue shield cover wisdom teeth extractions in ma

Does Met Life Dental cover teeth cleanings?

If your dentist tells you you absolutely need a teeth cleaning and writes the insurance company they will cover their portion of the cleaning.

Does insurance cover professional teeth whitening?

Most insurance companies will cover cleaning your teeth and check ups, but I think that professional teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure and is out of pocket. It would be nice though.

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When did Roy Childs die?

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When was Roy Childs born?

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