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If you canceled your account and clicked the confirmation link in your email. Then, the previous account is closed and you can use that same email to create another account.

If Myspace blocked your email and deleted your account, you will not be able to use the same email address.

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What is Matt Smith's MySpace address?

Matt Smith does not have a Myspace account.

How do you verify your MySpace account?

You verify your MySpace account by logging in to the email address you signed up with, and clicking on the activation link in the email sent to you.

How does your MySpace get cancelled on MySpace?

your account gets canceled because you didn't confirm your email address. you're supposed to go to your email that you signed up for myspace, click the confirm link, & your account won't get deleted.

How do you confirm your MySpace?

Myspace will send a conformation email to your email address that you entered to login to myspace. Go to your myspace and open the letter from either your inbox or your junk mail. Click on the link and your myspace account will be confirmed !!!

What can you do if you accidentally typed the wrong email address when you made your account on MySpace?

You simply delete the account and start over!

How can you recover your MySpace account without using the email address?

By answering security questions

What is Brittany sours email address?

The email address for Brittany Sour\'s is not stated, but she has a MySpace account by the name of britt1033.

How do you verify a email address on MySpace?

they way you veryify an email address on myspace is : the other person must have a myspace account and then you go to search and putin there name or whatever and you go to there profile and click add as friends whish should be underneath there picture!

Can you get a secondary account on MySpace?

yes but you'll have to create another email address in order to create one

Can you create a new MySpace account with the same password?

Yes. The e-mail address has to be different, though.

What do you do if you accidentally put the wrong email address when changing your email for Myspaceto an email you don't noe but you dont want to delete ur MySpace account?

im pretty sure you can go to account settings and change email address but you may not be able to because myspace is approving or whatever

How can you remove a MySpace account?

first go to the top of the profile and go to account settings and go to My account and go to cancel my account and then click on the RED buttom, then go to your Email address and you should of receive a confliation form Myspace wishing to delete your account. go to it and click the RED buttom again and wait. your account is deleted.

How you make another Myspace account?

The exact same way you made the first. You just have to use a different email address.

How do you comfirm email address MySpace?

go to your email account after you have made you my space and in your inbox you should have a email from my space saying confirm email address and then it should lead you on from there...

How do you delete your twitter account and start a new one with the same email address?

When you delete your account, change your email address and username before you delete the account. Then, if you decide to make a new account, the same email address and username will be available to use as they aren't associated with any previous accounts.

What is the correct grammar for 'Was it your previous address'?

"Was it your previous address?" is proper grammar. You could also ask "Was this your previous address?" or "Was that your previous address?"

What is Seth MacFarlane's email address?

He has a myspace account. If you'd like to contact him there, it's He also has a Twitter account & he has been known to answer personal tweets.

What is your MySpace Email?

Your MySpace email is an email address that you get on the MySpace site.

How do you change your email address on MySpace?

Its the first line under the "Account Settings" tab. Type in the new address and hit save. wrote: I tried this and the email address cannot be changed from there.

What is the MySpace address and the password to mack baker's MySpace?

you dumb hacker!

How do you find your MySpace email?

i am have forgot myspace email is address and password

Forgot myspace password?

If you do not have the email address you used to sign up for it there is a form you can find around the contact section. If you have the email address, you can reset it by getting the password sent to your account linked to it

How do you get your own MySpace?

you just press "need an account" and then fill out all the information it comes up with. it will then send you a confermation code to your email address you put in to be contacted by myspace. from there you can start adding personal information and exc on there

Why is your email address needed for MySpace?

Same reason you need an address to receive mail. It's how myspace contacts you if they need to.

How do you verify your MySpace password?

When you log into your account and you're on the home page, you'll see a box in the center that says "verify your account." Click on the link to have MySpace send an email to your personal email. You should receive the email within a few minutes. (That will be the email address that you use to log into MySpace. not MySpace itself -- ie. Yahoo, Gmail, MSN.) Just follow the directions in the email and you're all set.