Can you create an artificial ozone layer in the troposphere?

The only layer below the stratosphere is the troposphere. The layer below this is the lithosphere, and it is already opaque to all light. Dirt is like that. Ozone concentrations equivalent to those found in the stratosphere, even adjusted for pressure: # Would be long-term fatal to all life on Earth, # Would require additional sources of power to make ozone, which would come from burning fossil fuels (even if all life did not die), # And would rapidly decay since ozone is quickly destroyed by the moisture in the air we breathe, and the temperatures we breathe it at. So lots of ozone production "stations" would be required. Ozone in the "ozone layer" is made when oxygen molecules are broken apart by UV-C, and UV-C is completely absorbed by the time the Sun's light reaches the bottom of the ozone layer. So UV-C cannot make an ozone layer deeper in the atmosphere. Ozone in concentrations of 10 ppm are the norm in the ozone layer. Concentrations of 0.08ppm cause breathing problems, and higher than 1ppm causes damage to vegetation even in short duration doses. Additionally, the temperatures and humidity of the lower atmosphere would rapidly decay the ozone, so we'd have protection shortly before noon, until late afternoon... by morning... we'd be unprotected from UV-B.