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No. You need to par-cook them before freezing, and then they you can store them in the freezer for 2-3 months.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-04 12:12:39
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Q: Can you cut a pumpkin into chunks and freeze them before cooking?
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Can you cut up pumpkin in chunks and freeze it before cooking?

I have a neighbor who did it, it turned out ok, wasn't the best tasting though.

Can you freeze stuffing before cooking?

Yes, you can freeze stuffing before cooking it.

Do you freeze sweet potato pies before or after cooking?

Yes you can freeze it after cooking.

Can you freeze pumpkin?

I have a neighbor who did it, it turned out ok, wasn't the best tasting though. Pumpkin freezes best if cooked. Either cook the chunks first, or cook and puree, before freezing, depending on how you plan to use it.

Can you freeze mussels before cooking?

yes, but you have to defrost them before cooking

Can you freeze pepporoni?

Yes, you can freeze them and defrost them before cooking them.

Can you freeze poultry dressing before cooking?

Yes, you can freeze poultry dressing before it is cooked.

Do you freeze the chess pie before or after cooking?

Do not freeze your chess pie at any point.

Is it best to cook and then freeze a casserole or freeze then cook?

You can safely freeze casserole before or after cooking. It would depend on your preference.

How long can you keep cooked pumpkin frozen?

You can freeze cooked pumpkin 3-4 months; it is not recommended to freeze raw pumpkin.

Is it all right to freeze a prime rib before cooking?

A prime rib can be frozen, but it should be thouroughly thawed before cooking.

Can you freeze chicken that has been breaded but not cooked?

Yes, you can freeze breaded chicken before cooking it.

Can you freeze oignons?

Yes, you can safely freeze onions. It's best to dice the onion before freezing and use them for cooking.

Can you freeze scallops?

Yes, but you will need to dry them REALLY well before cooking.

How do you freeze pumpkin?

put it in the freezer

Can you freeze pumpkin pies?


Can you freeze meatloaf mixture before cooking?

Yes, if it wasn't already frozen and thawed.

Can you freeze pumpkin pie after its been in the refrigerator?

yes but freeze it super cold

How many times can you freeze and refreeze uncooked meat?

Once before cooking and once after, for each.

Can you freeze a soup with potato chunks and a base of milk?


How do you freeze a pumpkin pie?

Place it in a freezer

How do you make a pumpkin last longer?

Cook the pumpkin and freeze it in a sealable container for later use.

Can pumpkins freeze?

yes a pumpkin can freeze. It contains water within each cell and can therefore freeze. At what temperature i am not sure.

Can you freeze a whole pumpkin?

Well, you could if your freezer is big enough, but pumpkin tends to be mushy when thawed.

Can you freeze pumpkin soup with the cream in or out?

yes. both