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There's a popular perception, particularly among new runners, that running in cold weather is bad for you. Not so. Unless the temperature is so low that you seriously risk frostbite, it's warm enough to run. Even in those frostbite-threatening lows, carefully chosen clothing can protect you well enough to allow your daily jaunt. Read the rest of this article at:;s=2_1;site=1 A link has been provided as well. Have a safe jog!

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Q: Can you damage your heart and lungs by running in cold weather?
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How can smoking damage the human heart?

No but it will damage the human lungs

What can smoking do to your heart?

It can cause heart cancers and damage lungs too.

What organs do you exercise when running?

your heart and lungs.....x

How does volleyball affect the heart and lungs?

Volleyball works up your heartbeat and therefore,it doesn't damage your heart or your lungs either.

Whats are the main benefits of treadmill running?

Running on a treadmill is exercise that is good for your heart and lungs. They can be set for different speeds and endurance. They are indoor exercise equipment so can be used in any type of weather.

What is the main function of the ribs?

To protect the heart, lungs and other organs from damage.

What damage to he respiratory system does smoking do?

smoking can damage your heart, lungs and moth and other parts of your respiratory system.

Why do heart beats increase after running?

because it has to pump more blood to the lungs for you to breath

Is the Heart lateral to the lungs?

No, the heart is medial to the lungs. The lungs are lateral to the heart.

What are the Heart and the lungs are surrounded and protected by?

the heart is surrounded by the pericardium. There is the visceral pericardium which is closest to the heart organ and the parietal pericardium which is the outer lining. The lungs are surrounded by the pleural membrane. There is the visceral pleura which is located closest to the lung and the parietal pleura which is the outer lining. The heart and lungs are protected from external damage by the ribcage. The sternal bone is one of the hardest bones in the body and this bone protects the heart from damage.

How does pollution effect people?

The pollution in the air is taken in by people, and then can cause damage to the lungs, heart and brain.

Is the heart medial or lateral to the lungs?

The heart is medial to the lungs. The lungs lay on either side of the heart.

What type of activity do you do to work you heart and lungs?

Running is still the best type of exercise for you to do work for your heart and lungs. Very unfortunately you may not get the clean air to breath in, in many cities of the world.

What is the different between blood coming from the lungs to the heart and blood coming from the heart to the lungs?

from the lungs to the heart -deoxygenated blood&from the heart to the lungs -oxygenated blood

Why does a chronic smoker have difficulty in breathing?

Beacause smoking can damage your lungs and you use your lungs to breath and without lungs you can't breath. It will give you lung cancer and a big risk of heart diseas. Smoking can really damage your insides especially if you smoke alot.

Is a cigarette bad?

yes its causes your lungs to die out. A cigarette is very bad it can damage your lungs and can make your heart rot even worse it Turns into a worm!

What protect the heart and the lungs?

The heart and lungs are protected by the ribcage.

Do the lungs lie medial to the heart?

The heart is medial to the lungs

How can alchohol damage your lungs?

Alcohol is very bad for your lungs as it can cause heart diseases, and you will find it very hard to breathe. It will forbid you to breathe, and your lungs will soon turn black, so then, you will die.

Why are the heart and lungs located inside the rib cage?

To protect them from damage, whether from a tiger attack or a car wreck.

Do the lungs lie medial or lateral to the heart?

The lungs are lateral to the heart. The heart is a midline structure, and the lungs are on either side.

The heart is what anatomical position to the lungs?

Since the heart is in between the lungs, it is said to be medial to the lungs.

What behaviors can harm your lungs and heart?

What behaviors can harm you lungs and heart?

What protect our lungs and heart?

The rib cage protects the lungs and heart.

What are the heart and the lungs protected by?

The heart and lungs are protected by the rib cage