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As per U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, "Meat and poultry defrosted in the refrigerator may be refrozen before or after cooking. If thawed by other methods, cook before refreezing."

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Q: Can you defrost and refreeze raw chicken?
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Can you defrost and refreeze cooked chicken?


Can you defrost frozen chicken cook it and then refreeze it?


Can you defrost and refreeze ribs?

You can't defrost then refreeze anything :)

Can you defrost and the refreeze cooked chicken?

Yes, but it isn't very good for you to eat it after.

Why is it bad to refreeze raw chicken meat?

its not bad

Can you refreeze chicken again?

Only if the chicken has been cooked. It is not a good plan to refreeze raw meats. This will cause the meat to be less flavorful as well.

Can you refreeze pork after unthawed?

Possible, but not recommended due to possible bacteria growth and change in texture. However, if you defrost raw pork, then cook it, you may then refreeze it.

Can you defrost and then refreeze cooked brisket?

yes you can

Is it safe to refreeze raw fish?

It is not a good idea to refreeze raw fish. If it was thawed, it is not safe to refreeze it.

Can you defrost chicken and then refreeze again?

In my opinion, i believe yes, i have done this several times.we can defrost it if we want small piece of it .and keep the rest of pieces.Because when anything is frozen no external heat is mixed....

Can you refreeze raw chicken meat?

If it was thawed properly and was not going bad when refrozen, yes. But the quality will not be as good. Whilst I do not know if it is the same in Britain, in the US it is considered safe to refreeze raw chicken if it has been defrosted in a refridgerator, and has not been subsequently chilled for too long

Can you refreeze a frozen chicken joint after it has been cooked?

Yes, you can thaw, cook, and refreeze chicken.

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