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No Im sorry you can't

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โˆ™ 2011-04-30 18:38:10
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Q: Can you delete a Yahoo mail account?
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How do you log out of yahoo mail?

Go to settings click mail and delete account. It logs you out it doesn't delete your actual account.

How do you delete yahoo mail account?

You can delete your yahoo email by visiting the Terminate Your Account Page. After entering your information and the captcha, click on Terminate Your Account.

How do you get rid of Yahoo Mail?

You can log into your account and then chose the option to delete the account or send an email to yahoo to close the account

Can you deactivate a Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, we can deactivate a yahoo mail account.

Delete mail Yahoo?


Is there a master password for a Yahoo Mail account?

there is no master password for yahoo mail account

How do you get a Yahoo mail account?

You can get a Yahoo! Mail at the link below -

How Do You Delete a Yahoo Mail Account?

Login with your username and password then follow the prompts at the bottom of the next page.

How do you delete your Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo email accounts are automatically terminated if not used for a certain period of time but if you are looking to delete the account now then sign into the email account your looking to delete. Click my account and you will see an option for deleting your account. Remember, once deleted you cannot go back to the email account.

How long is yahoo mail saved?

Yahoo Mail is saved forever, unless you delete it.

If you had 100Billion GB of space used up in Yahoo Mail will Yahoo Delete your account?

Yahoo would not let you store more than 10mb but if they see the account being spammed they would remove it

How would i delete my yahoo email?

To delete your yahoo email account: Log into Yahoo, go to Options (located far top right corner) > Mail Options > Accounts (left menu 5th one down) > Add or edit an account > then select the account you would like to delete and click the Delete button. Hope this helps... -Just My Opinion :)

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