Can you describe a situation in real life in which a viscous substance would be necessary?

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In Science
The shock absorbers on a car use the viscous properties of oil to absorb energy when the tire hits a bump.
Oil is forced to flow through small holes inside the shock absorber as the wheel moves up, and again as it moves down to its normal position. Without shock absorbers, the car would continue bouncing up and down.
More energy is absorbed if the holes are smaller or the oil is more viscous.
Also, more energy is absorbed if the wheel moves up fast after hitting a sharp bump than if it moves up slower on a gentle bump, so your suspension can be comfortable over small bumps but still control large bumps well.
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The least viscous substance is the superfluid helium. Thissubstance has zero viscosity and it becomes liquid below 4 degreesKelvin.

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It is The word 'viscous' has two different senses or meanings: 1: having a relatively high resistance to flow; 2: having the sticky properties of an adhesive * * * * * If by "viscous" you mean sticky, my experience is that 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive is the stickiest stuff ever created.

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One common use of the median is the so-called 'median lethal dose'.In quantifying how toxic a substance is the LD50 is the amount ofthe substance required to kill 50% of the population within aspecified time period. Please see the link.

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How viscous is a heated substance?

It becomes less viscous. Particles move faster when they heat up, which puts more space between them and gives the substance more flow. Because viscosity means "to resist flow".

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If my chocolate chip cookie recipe makes 48 cookies and requires 3 cups of sugar, how many cups of sugar are required for 16 cookies? There are lots of applications for division.

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